Indiana Mall Shooting Hero Stopped The Carnage In 15 Seconds, Engaged At 40 Yards: Police

More details are out about the attempted mall massacre in Indiana, and it's clear Elisjsha Dicken is a grade-A American hero.

The 22-year-old hero killed a gunman, who I won't name, Sunday attempting a mass shooting at Greenwood Park Mall that left three innocent people dead. Initially, it was reported the rampage went on for a couple minutes.

Now, police have revised the timeline, and the new information proves Dicken is cut from a different kind of cloth.

Police now say the young man put an end to the violence in only 15 seconds. However, that's not the most impressive part.

Dicken engaged the shooter at 40 yards and landed eight of his 10 shots. Let me repeat that. He dropped in eight rounds on the shooter after engaging from 40 yards away.

It's not clear how many of his shots came from 40 yards, but as anyone who enjoys shooting knows, that's a ridiculous distance for a handgun.

It's a good thing Dicken was at the mall this past Sunday and that he was ready to roll. If not, the death toll could have been substantially higher than the two innocent people who died.

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