Political Leaders Need To Man Up, Take Action To Stop Trans-Athlete Insanity

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For the first several decades of the 20th century, female athletes fought to break their way into the predominantly male world of sports. In 1972, women scored a huge victory upon the signing of Title IX, the federal law that ensures equal protection under the law based on sex. In the years since, nationwide high school, collegiate, and professional women leagues have formed, female participation in athletics has skyrocketed, and countless women have achieved their dreams.

Now, in 2022, for too many those dreams are shattered. The federal law that was signed to protect them is being violated in plain sight. Biological men are crushing women on the athletic field, destroying their records. Trans-athletes are outrunning, outlifting, and outcompeting biological women at every level.

The majority of Americans oppose the idea of a biological man like Lia Thomas demolishing women in the swimming pool, yet that is exactly what repeatedly happened. Our political leaders who have the power to stop this injustice—especially those who are elected by the people to fight for ‘conservative’ values—need to grow some balls and take legitimate action to stop this madness in its tracks.

Karoline Leavitt is running for Congress in New Hampshire. (Courtesy Photo)

For decades, self-proclaimed “conservative” leaders have rolled over. They’ve allowed the Left to seize every institution in our country.  From higher education to the Department of Justice, Hollywood and of course the corporate media. The Left’s control over these institutions has allowed them to push their regressive propaganda onto the people, including their illogical message that protecting girls’ sports and banning men from participating is somehow discriminatory.

Political Leaders Need To Be Challenged On Trans-Athletes

We now live in a country where equality and discrimination are only relevant when the Left decides they are; where blatant violations of once federally protected women’s rights are celebrated; and where President Joe Biden makes it a day one priority to sign an executive order forcing the federal government to violate Title IX.

Whether it be out of fear of political correctness or name-calling, our “conservative” leaders have allowed the Left’s seizure of our institutions and deterioration of our values to slowly but surely occur, by remaining silent on too many important issues for far too long.

As a woman, former NCAA Division II athlete, and Generation Z American, watching biological men compete against women is infuriating and personal. I spent years of my life working tirelessly to achieve my athletic goals and compete at the highest level that I possibly could. It’s difficult to imagine if a trans-athlete had taken my well-earned starting position at third base on my high school or collegiate softball teams. My heart breaks for the women and girls enduring that unfair hardship right now.

Karoline Leavitt during her playing days at Saint Anselm College. (Courtesy Photo)

Now, I am running for Congress to protect the conservative values that make America the greatest country in the history of the world, including the fundamental value and basic fact that men and women are different, but equal. I will fearlessly fight against the Left’s nonsense in favor of trans-athletes and take tangible action to protect women and girls. I will be a loud and proud voice on the floor of the United States Congress, calling out the injustices against female athletes across our nation. And I will support legislation, such as the Protect Women’s Sports Act, that will restore Title IX to its original intent. I also will introduce legislation that will ban federal dollars going towards any tax-payer funded college and university that allows biological men to compete on women’s teams.

America can no longer afford spineless conservatives who allow the Left to own these cultural issues of such grave importance. It is beyond time for our leaders to grow a set and go on offense. In the matter of trans-athletes, it’s time to win again, fairly. 

Karoline Leavitt is a Republican Candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District, and a Former White House Assistant Press Secretary under President Trump. Leavitt is an alumna of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, where she was a member of the women’s softball team.

Written by Karoline Leavitt


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