Police Suing Afroman For ‘Humiliation’ After He Made Music Videos About Them

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Afroman has never exactly been shy in his music. But this time he might have gone too far.

Seven Ohio police officers are suing Afroman for using footage of their 2022 search on his home to make and promote new music. The officers said the rapper used their image and likeness as a “malicious” act that tarnished their reputation and humiliated them.

For context, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office raided the rapper’s Ohio home in August. They did so on a lawfully-issued search warrant for evidence of marijuana and drug paraphernalia related to drug possession and trafficking, as well as kidnapping.

Ultimately, they did not charge him with a crime.

But you know Afroman β€” whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, by the way β€” couldn’t just let that go.

The rapper released a series of YouTube videos featuring actual security and cell phone footage from the search.

Here’s the first one, “Will You Help Me Repair My Door?”

A fair question, given that the officers kicked it down during the raid.

In the song, he pokes fun at the charges. He insinuates he might be guilty of the narcotics part, but he’s definitely not a kidnapper.

“Are there any kidnapping victims inside my suit pockets?” he asks, as the video shows officers rummaging through clothes in his closet.

Which brings us to the next future smash hit β€” “Lemon Pound Cake.” Sing this little ditty to the tune of “Under the Boardwalk” by the Drifters.

Afroman says the only thing police found in his house was a tasty lemon pound cake.

Seven police officers have filed a complaint against Afroman.

While the music videos were actually hilarious, the officers weren’t so excited about their cameos.

They are suing him for the unauthorized use of individual’s persona, invasion of privacy by misappropriation and invasion of privacy by false light publicity, among other things.

“Defendants’ actions were willful, wanton, malicious, and done with conscious or reckless disregard for the rights of Plaintiffs,” the complaint says.

The complaint also states the plaintiffs have “suffered humiliation, ridicule, mental distress, embarrassment, and loss of reputation.”

The officers have demanded a trial by jury. They better hope the jury doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Police Suing Afroman For 'Humiliation' After He Wrote Songs About Them
Afroman’s “Because I Got High” was the ultimate stoner anthem. (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

Given that their images were used for commercial purpose, the police officers might actually have a case. But it does seem like a waste of time and resources.

Afroman posted about the lawsuit on Instagram, saying that the search itself was based on a “false warrant.”

“My video footage is my property, he said. “I am a law-abiding taxpaying citizens who was violated by criminals camouflaged by law-enforcement.”

He also added a statement from his lawyer that reads, “We are waiting for public records requests from Adams County we still have not received. We are planning to counter sue for the unlawful raid, money being stolen, and for the undeniable damage this had on my client’s family, career and property.”

But β€” and I think I speak for all of us here β€” hopefully the lawsuit won’t damage his presidential campaign.

Written by Amber Harding

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