Police Investigating ‘Intentional’ Explosion In Downtown Nashville (UPDATES)

According to multiple news sources, there has been a large explosion in downtown Nashville. The Christmas morning blast has been linked to an RV, and Nashville officials now believe it was an “intentional act.” The FBI, ATF and other agencies are involved in the investigation.

Authorities received reports of a suspicious vehicle at approximately 6:30 a.m., and the Metro Nashville Police’s hazardous devices unit was responding to the call when the blast went off.

Police said officers were at first responding to a report of shots fired, but found no evidence of that. They instead arrived to find that “there were announcements coming” from an RV, indicating a bomb would detonate within 15 minutes.

Elizabeth Lane with WKRN in Nashville tweets that she has spoken with someone who lives near where the explosion took place. That man also reported hearing “multiple gun shots.”


Here are a couple of videos of the explosion, including some of the damage done by it.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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      • A retired NYPD detective on FOX nailed it: This was intended to kill first responders. As a combat vet who’s been to both Iraq and Afghanistan, I recognize the tactics. The verbal warning was for the local civilians. The terrorist (whether local or foreign) fired the gunshots to wake up the locals, who’d hear the warning and call the police. Looks like his timing, THANK GOD, was off. If I was to hedge a bet here, I’d say this isn’t a foreign terrorist, too local a target.

        • That’s exactly what I first thought. Creating the illusion of gun shots, drawing in police and first responders, announcing that a bomb will detonate so regular citizens leave the area, then bam explosion. Like you said, luckily the bomb didn’t cause too much human collateral damage.

  1. flipping through the cable channels covering this is disturbingly vague.

    it is xmas day, but maybe these networks should wake up the A list of cable news hosts? maybe?

    two guest on fox have alteady suggested this is the definition of terrorism and likely non-american or anti american terrorism.

    news coverage has collapsed in America. the journos are flakes and the producers are ‘narrative’ driven. Outkick needs a news division and Fast!!!

    • So without any background neocons are already saying this is anti american terrorism? Sounds about right…they must be getting hungry to start up a foreign war again.

      They were also pretty silent when an actual anti american organization…BLM…was out and about over the past several months.

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