Plus-Size OnlyFans Model Says She Used To Sneak Bottles Of Alcohol Into Concerts Using Her Massive Booty

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Plus-size OnlyFans model, Steph Oshiri, made some headlines a few weeks ago when she revealed that she was making $45,000 a month off of her 55-inch butt. The 28-year-old shared with her followers on TikTok that she has used her moneymaker for more than raking in cash.

In a video she labeled “I wish this was a joke,” Oshiri revealed that she used to use her massive booty to smuggle contraband. Specifically, she used to sneak bottles of alcohol into concerts with it.

Plus-Size OnlyFans Model Steph Oshiri
Plus-size OnlyFans model overshares about alcohol smuggling (Image Credit: Steph Oshiri/TikTok)

Oshiri explains in the video posted to her backup account, “One thing I used to do when I was younger was hide full alcohol bottles in my bum. I’m not kidding. I wish I was.”

“Every time me and my friends would go to concerts, I would be the person that would have to hide the alcohol,” she says as she turns to give the camera a better view. “I wish I was joking.”


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The phrasing “in my bum” used by Oshiri had many people in her comment section confused. Some even asked for clarification or for a demonstration.

Oshiri never responded in the comment section to their many questions. But she did set the record straight with a demonstration video. In the video she puts a bottle down the back of her jeans.

Alcohol Smuggler Turned OnlyFans Model

So what she should have said was that she smuggles bottles of alcohol for her and her friends to enjoy at concerts by wedging them in her pants. I know what you’re thinking, that makes a lot more sense.

You might also be wondering, as did I, about the possibility of a better hiding place. You know, one that might be more sanitary.

I get saving a few bucks on drinks after dropping down some hard earned cash on some tickets, but in this case I’m paying a few extra bucks for some drinks that haven’t been stowed away where the sun don’t shine.

Written by Sean Joseph

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