Player Calls Out Giant Problem With Fields Leading To Injuries

Blame it on the lawn, got you feeling gone, blame it on the “grass,” knocked ya on your ass, blame it on the turf, got you feelin’ hurt…

Alright, I may have taken some liberties with Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It,” but this new remix version I’ve just created is a fitting lyrical version of the Giants’ wounded locker room.

A rash of injuries has plagued the New York defense, and now defensive back Logan Ryan is pointing towards the turf monster as the source of their pain.

“We’ve really got to talk about these turf fields,” said Ryan via The New York Post. “It’s just not best for a player’s safety. It’s too many lower-body injuries.”

Ryan doesn’t just link the turf to missed games, he also plants the blame for players missing some paychecks squarely on the surface.

“It’s taking guys’ earnings ability away, when you miss a season because your ankle can’t get out of the turf or your knee can’t get out of the turf.”

Amongst the Giants whose bank accounts could soon be taking a hit are starting defenders Jabrill Peppers and Blake Martinez. New York’s defensive captain recently witnessed both teammates fall victim to turf-related injuries, prompting Ryan to push for natural grass surfaces to replace turf.

“A lot of guys get high-ankle sprains and tear their knees every year on turf,” Ryan told The Post. “If it happens on grass, it happens on grass. Grass has the ability to move a little bit more than turf. If you had a poll, the players don’t like playing on turf. It is what it is.”

Ryan’s got a point. After all, blaming the injuries on the turf is a lot better than having to blame them on the vodka and the Henny.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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