Playboy Cover Model Sephora Maria Noori Gets In On The ‘Circumboob’ Trend

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For many reasons the latest bikini trend, the “circumboob,” makes a lot of sense. Australian influencer and model Gabrielle Epstein shared the trend last week with her 3 million Instagram followers and helped gently guide it to the mainstream.

For those of you who might not be up to speed on the trend, it involves a skimpy bikini being fashioned in such a way that all of the boob-related trends are rolled up into one look. The latest to jump on the trend is Playboy cover model Sephora Maria Noori.

Sephora Maria Noori
Playboy model gets in on the circumboob trend (Image Credit: Sephora Maria Noori)

The Fashion Nova ambassador grabbed a green string bikini from her collection, slapped a “Wishing you were here” caption on the look. She then snapped a few different angles.

Once Noori had some pics she was happy with, she updated her location to Eden Rock, St. Barths, then uploaded the pics for her almost 550,000 followers. In other words, influencing at its finest.

Noori is a professional. Referring to her as a Playboy cover model is selling her a little short. She’s a veteran with four appearances on the cover of the magazine.

Sure it’s not the Playboy of old, but they’re not handing out covers or naming just anyone model of the month for that matter. They still have standards.

It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before This Trend Is Everywhere

Standards that Noori has met and exceeded. In addition to the multiple covers, she’s been named Miss October for Playboy and Miss April for Playboy Mexico.

When she’s not gracing the cover of Playboy, Noori’s doing plenty of bikini modeling and influencing. That’s how’s she’s ended up as a brand ambassador and that’s how she found the circumboob trend.

She could have stumbled upon it and ignored it, but with the resume that she has built up she knew this was a trend to get in on. Expect this trend to take off during spring break and become the look of the summer.

Written by Sean Joseph

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