Absurd Photo Of P.J. Fleck Surfaces From His Time As A Student Teacher

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P.J. Fleck’s appearance has changed substantially over the past two decades.

Fleck has successfully turned the Minnesota Gophers into a competitive football program after years and years of getting kicked around in the B1G.

He’s 44-27 during his time with the Gophers and even managed to win 11 games back in 2019. Minnesota is definitely enjoying an era of success the program isn’t used to thanks to P.J. Fleck. However, he wasn’t always a big time football coach.

P. J. Fleck has turned around Minnesota’s football program. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

P.J. Fleck spent some time as a student teacher.

Back in 2004, the Gophers head coach was a student teacher at Clinton Rosette Middle School in Illinois as he attempted to make the NFL.

While fans know Fleck for his bald appearance these days, back in 2004, the Minnesota coach looked like he walked right off the set of a 1990s teen show.

A viral photo shared by Sickos Committee of Fleck needs to be seen to be believed. He seriously looked like he just got done auditioning for “Saved by the Bell” as Slater’s buddy or “Dawson’s Creek.” That look has 1990s teen drama written all over it.

Fleck’s looks very different.

Obviously, it’s all about the hair. Is he sporting slightly frosted tips? I can’t tell for sure, but we definitely can’t rule it out.

Frosted tips were the rage in the early 2000s. Yes, they looked absurd, but people seemed to love them. No matter what it is, something is very different about Fleck nearly 20 years ago.

Hell, check out this photo from 2005 when he was with the 49ers. Dude definitely underwent a wild transformation.

P.J. Fleck looks much different than he did nearly 20 years ago. (Photo by Getty Images)

Now, compare that to this photo of him from last season. Are we sure this is even the same guy? Maybe we’ve been hit with the old Shyamalan twist.

Old viral photo surfaces of P.J. Fleck. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Fleck has certainly undergone one hell of a transformation over the past couple decades, but all that matters is he’s a winner. He can wear a wig, and Minnesota fans wouldn’t give a damn as long as he wins nine or 10 games a year.

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