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Guys, this lumber price storyline around here is starting to take off

All it took was me mentioning lumber prices, and we had liftoff. The emails, DMs, tags on videos, etc. have been piling up this week, and it appears this one has struck a nerve. Kyle Trendel of Trendel Lumber in Ottawa, KS sent word Wednesday that he had the latest lumber numbers, and the story continues to roll on. 2×4 studs are now up 310% over prices a year ago in northeast Kansas.

The Wall Street Journal published a video Wednesday on how tree growers aren’t seeing a financial windfall from the crazy demand out there right now. Sawmill companies tell the WSJ that it “could be a decade or two before enough trees are cut down that supply and demand is back in balance, even with the increased demand we’re seeing today for wood products.”

In other words, you might as well eat the rising costs now if you have a basement project planned because this isn’t going to get better in the near term.

To put things in perspective right now, lumber prices are +265% nationally over the last year. That’s higher than WTI crude at +210%, gasoline at +182% and heating oil at +107%.

• Of all the nights to watch my Reds. I was finally done cleaning up for my mother’s first visit since early fall, and I just wanted to end the night on a high note with my Redlegs closing out a 3-0 victory over Arizona. Instead, I was greeted by Amir Garrett giving up a game-tying 3-run jack in the 9th, and the Reds eventually lost 8-5 in the 10th. RIP to the under bettors who were two outs away from an easy UNDER cashing.

• Mac Jones is now -145 to be selected No. 3 in next week’s draft. Zach Wilson is -5000 to be selected second. Kyle Pitts is -140 to be selected 4th. I pray each night that Penei Sewell makes it to my Bengals at No. 5. I pray for Joe Burrow’s reconstructed knee and the hopes and dreams of seeing one more playoff win during my lifetime with Sewell.

• You’ll soon be able to power your house, car, etc. with Tesla products. Elon wants his panels on your roof, and he says this Powerwall thing Tesla has developed is a gamechanger.

• The final remnants of the 5″ of snow that fell this week will melt away today, and we can get back to spring. You’re damn right I’m nervous to see which plants will make it out alive. I’m on pins and needles around here.

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