Philip Rivers Retiring from NFL

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Philip Rivers has announced his retirement from the NFL. “It’s just time,” Rivers told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s just right.”

Rivers also sent the following statement to Adam Schefter:

There are a couple of ways this could ultimately go. I could honestly see this being a Brett Favre situation where Rivers gets the “itch” to play again as the days get longer and warmer. He played pretty well for the Colts this past year. While right now most teams in the league have set quarterback situations, if a team calls and begs him to play, would he say no?

Rivers will also be sought for the broadcast booth. He was described to Front Office Sports as potentially being the “next Tony Romo.” We shall see sooner or later if he retired now because he has an announcing gig on the horizon.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Rivers has been my favorite football player since the night he stepped on the field for NC State against Arkansas State on a Rainy night in Raleigh, so forgive my bias here.

    Philip is one of the greatest men of his generation. If you asked him what he does for a living, I suspect his response would be that he is a Father/Husband who also plays pro football. I am sorry that I’ll not see him suit up for the Colts next year, they were very lucky to have him, and he led them to their best season in 6 years. BUT I am not the least bit surprised to see that he chooses to go out on his own terms, coming off an 11-5 season.

    11-5 is not too shabby considering the Colts lost Marlon Mack and Paris Campbell in week 1, and TY Hilton was not 100% until nearly the end of the season. Philip did what he always does – finds a way to score points and win ball games with whomever he has available to him. His favorite receiver will always be the open one. Rarely did he ever have a star receiver other than Antonio Gates. Those who played with him or knew him well realize the media never got him right, as they rarely get anything right. Philip never cared about the media’s perception of him. He just kept working and being the best Christian/Father/Husband/QB he could be.

    NUNC COEPI indeed.

  2. First off it was good to see Rivers bring out something about the Catholic faith…from his actions I would have been more surprised if he didn’t. St. Sebastian was a martyr for the faith during the Roman empire. That along with the fact he has a large family with his wife is something to be commended.

    I have no doubt whatever next envendor Philip takes will be successful…NUNC COEPI.

    • Amen, I need to look up St. Sebastian. There’s a great film out now called “Paul, Apostle of Christ” that delves deep into the persecutions of Christians under the Roman Empire. The most fascinating thing to me in all of human history is how Rome went from being the #1 enemy to Christianity to the world headquarters of Christianity. More than anything else it proves the Christ was right.

  3. I’m gonna miss Rivers. He’s from my home state of Alabama and neither Auburn nor Alabama would give him an offer to play qb. 17 years in the pros, I guess he showed them. All while being an upstanding citizen and family man. The NFL needs a hell of a lot more guys like him.

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