Legendary Video Shows Philadelphia Eagles Fan Somehow Run Onto The Field With The Team, Promptly Get Escorted Out

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The world won’t be able to handle a reality where the Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in the NFL. It is going to be complete an utter chaos.

The good people from the City of Brotherly Love are amongst the most passionate fans in sports, if not the most passionate. They love their teams and would go to war for and with their players. Literally.

On Sunday evening, as the Eagles hosted the NFC East rival Cowboys, an incredibly lit scene played out. Philadelphia-native rapper Meek Mill, whose song ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ became a rallying cry for the city, was hyping fans from the field before the game.

One of the Eagles faithful may have been a little bit too hyped and ended up on the field.

He somehow made his way onto the field and ran out with the team during pregame introductions.

Video from the stands shows massive left tackle Jordan Mailata lead his teammates out of the tunnel. Two other Philadelphia players then follow closely behind.

The fourth person in line was completely unexpected. A fan, wearing street clothes, sprinted out with the team and waved a towel over his head. After taking a pause to soak in the moment and look around, the fan turned back toward the gridiron and continued his triumphant entrance.

It is unclear what exactly happened next. But not long thereafter, the Eagles fan was seen being escorted off of the field by a group of security guards.

He was completely compliant. However, seconds before being pushed back into the tunnel, the fan stopped for a moment. He got one last glimpse at the fans who cheered him on.

Although it was illegal, and the fan was likely banned from future events, that incredible feat is one he will never forget. He will forever be able to say that he ran onto the field at Lincoln Financial Field with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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