Phil Mickelson Says LIV Golf Is The Best Preparation For Major Championships, Better Than PGA Tour

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Phil Mickelson, arguably the most famous PGA Tour defector to LIV Golf, is defending his new tour following Brooks Koepka’s PGA Championship victory. Koepka is another member of LIV Golf. As is Bryson DeChambeau, who finished 4th, and Cam Smith, who finished 9th.

Mickelson finished tied for second alongside Koepka in April’s Masters tournament won by Jon Rahm. Patrick Reed finished tied for fourth at Augusta. Mickelson doesn’t think that’s a coincidence.

He took to Twitter to explain that LIV Golf is the perfect tour for focusing on the four golf majors.

“Love LIV or hate it, it’s the best way/Tour to be your best in the majors,” Mickelson wrote. “Enough events to keep you sharp, fresh and ready, yet not be worn down from too many tournaments or obligations. 14 LIV events, 34 weeks left open to prepare for the 4 majors. Fact.”

It’s hard to argue with his logic. Although, PGA Tour players (at least those in the Top 20) are only required to play in 12 of the 13 elevated events on the Tour and just 15 events total per season. That’s not exactly a ton more golf than required for LIV Golf players.

Although, PGA Tour tournaments are four rounds in length and LIV events are only three rounds. So, LIV Golf players do play less golf each time they tee it up.

But that’s really negligible across the length of the season. It’s not surprising that LIV Golf members are finishing well at majors. Why? Because these are the same guys who finished high at majors prior to joining LIV Golf.

Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship, his last major victory which came before he joined LIV Golf.
Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship, his last major victory which came before he joined LIV Golf. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/PGA of America/PGA of America via Getty Images)

Brooks Koepka openly admitted he only cared about major tournaments years ago. Nothing has changed. There are several PGA Tour players who tend to contend in majors and fade during normal competition.

The best preparation for a major golf tournament, or any golf tournament, is to play and practice golf. Whether that’s competitively in a tournament or on the practice range, it doesn’t really matter.

Kudos to Phil Mickelson for backing his tour, that’s why they’re paying him $200 million.

Realistically, though, the player’s tour doesn’t matter that much when it comes to contending at major championships.

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  1. Love me some Phil. Offer top 20 in the world $200 million to jump ship and probably everyone but Rory goes, and I think he may re-evaluate after this year.

    The only guy who would never leave is Tiger, and that’s because he only wants to play majors, so the fact that he even chimed in last year is kind of hilarious.

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