PGA Tour Fires Pregnant Reporter After Refusing Her Religious COVID Exemption Request

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Teryn Gregson, who has worked for the PGA Tour as a host and reporter, announced Monday that she has been fired by the organization for refusing to get vaccinated for COVID. An attempt to obtain a religious exemption from the organization failed and company officials notified the pregnant mother Friday that she had been officially fired.

“On Friday, I was fired by the PGA Tour. I was in need of religious exemptions from their vaccine protocols of masking and testing,” Gregson explained on a social media video explaining her firing. “They would not accommodate me in such a way that I did not have to violate my religious beliefs.”

While Gregson isn’t fully clear on whether the PGA Tour fired her for not getting vaccinated, according to internal communications to workers, new rules were instituted November 1 for unvaccinated workers who returned to the PGA’s office.

“Welcome back, TOUR employees! After 20 months of working from home, we are all very excited to be back together. Please take a minute to review our updated policies found in the User Guide,” the intranet site states.

Unvaccinated workers are required to wear masks “at all times” inside the PGA Tour offices and “all unvaccinated employees will undergo weekly COVID-19 screening tests.”

“And that’s a wrap! The 2020-21 PGA TOUR Super Season will be remembered by many as the year golf was among the first come back from the covid hiatus, leading the way for professional sports to return,” Gregson wrote on Instagram in September.

“But I will always remember it as the year we had our daughter. I will also remember it as the year God called me to be vocal about my faith.

“I’ve always known God as far back as I can remember but the ways He’s worked in my faith journey this year have been incredible and have produced so much fruit.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • You’d think so, but I’m finding covid has exposed countess people as fair weather conservatives who were just along for the tax breaks. When it boils down to REAL issues they disappear and have amnesia about their beliefs. I wouldn’t count on them sadly.

  1. PGA is an organization for people who have no real connection to real life. It is NOT a group that intends on keeping peoples rights intact, similar to the NRA. It is a group who organize and incredible transfer of wealth from companies and consumers to the top players in the world.

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