Tennessee Fan Once Berated Peyton Manning For Drinking On Night Before Game In 1990s, But It Wasn’t Peyton

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Peyton, Cooper and Eli Manning all bear a resemblance to one another. Although they each have their distinct features, the trio of football royalty comes from the Archie and Olivia Manning tree.

They look like Mannings.

Cooper Manning, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and father Archie Manning on January 31, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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The lines are blurred even further after a few drinks. Ask the fine folks in east Tennessee!

Peyton Manning spent Wednesday night in Toledo at the Stranahan Theater for ‘An Evening With Peyton Manning‘ with comedian Henry Cho. It cost $100 per head, and all of the proceeds went to support the LPGA Dana Open children’s charities.

Amidst the question and answer portion of the fundraiser, Manning told a story from back when he played for the Volunteers. He actually wasn’t present when the whole thing went down, so he told the story of a story from Cooper— who is the funniest of the three brothers.

Cooper was in Knoxville to watch Peyton on a Saturday in the fall. Standard.

Cooper was out on the town while Peyton was back in the hotel, dead asleep. Standard.

However, presumably after a drinking a few libations, one Tennessee fan did not like seeing Cooper out on the night before a game. Except he wasn’t mad at Cooper. He was mad at Peyton.

The Volunteers fan had the elder Manning brother confused for his younger brother.

Cooper, being quick on his feet, took the opportunity to jab at Tennessee’s opponent.

[He] comes up to [Cooper] and says, ‘Peyton, what in the world are you doing out? It’s midnight and we’ve got a game tomorrow!’ Cooper took a little swig, puffed on the cigar, and said, ‘Relax, we’re just playing Kentucky.’

— Peyton Manning, via The Toledo Blade

Peyton was in college from 1994-1997. He played the Wildcats at home as a freshman and as a junior.

In both instances, the Volunteers won by at least 46 points. Even if it was Peyton out at the bar, Cooper’s quip probably would have been true— relax, it was just Kentucky.

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