Peyton Manning’s Son Continues All-Time Show-And-Tell Weekend, Pulls Up To Sideline At Bills Game After Stop In Philly

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Peyton Manning retired from football in 2015, but continues to be one of the most prominent faces and voices in the sport. When he’s not hosting Omaha Production’s ‘ManningCast’ with his brother Eli on Monday nights, Peyton’s often traveling around the country to various events.

He was at Tennessee’s upset of Alabama back in the fall.

He pulled up to the Vols’ Orange Bowl win over Clemson last month.

And he was in attendance at Saturday night’s NFC Divisional Round game between the Eagles and Giants. Peyton brought his son, Marshall, out to Philadelphia to watch the playoff game alongside Eli and his daughter.

However, where Marshall might have supported his uncle’s former team, he was instead rocking a Jalen Hurts jersey. No love for New York.

After spending the night in the City of Brotherly Love, Peyton and Marshall got back on the road. Well, considering their status in society and significant wealth, they probably got back in the air.

Less than 24 hours after kicking it on the field at Lincoln Financial Field, they were back on the field for another high-stakes matchup. Marshall and Peyton pulled up at Highmark Stadium for the AFC Divisional Round game between the Bengals and Bills.

Where Marshall repped Hurts on Saturday, he was reppin’ Josh Allen on Sunday.

Just before kickoff, Peyton and Marshall made their way onto the sideline on a snowy, 32-degree day in the City of Good Neighbors. They were certainly dressed for the occasion!

The drive from Buffalo to Philadelphia is just shy of six hours. They either woke up early and drove, or hopped in a private jet. Likely the latter.

Either way, it was a great weekend for the 11-year-old. Marshall will have plenty to share at show-and-tell!

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