Alabama DC Pete Golding Addresses His DUI Arrest With The Media: ‘I’ve Got To Suffer The Consequences’

Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding was arrested for DUI in February. While he’s released a statement about his arrest, he recently spoke to the media about it as the Crimson Tide’s season fast approaches.

Golding was arrested at approximately 1 a.m. on Feb. 3. The Alabama coaching staff had concluded the recruiting period on that Wednesday. He was released from Tuscaloosa County jail after posting a bond of $500.

The 38-year-old assistant said Sunday that bad decisions have consequences, which he understands he has to suffer.

“There are consequences for making bad decisions,” Golding explained. “And I made a very poor decision that affected a lot of other people than just myself. It was selfish.

“And it opened up a lot of emotions for a lot of people, because people can be affected by making that decision. And I was wrong, and I’ve got to suffer the consequences for it.”

In the statement he released through his attorney in February, Golding said he was “committed to learning and growing from this mistake, and I will work to earn back the trust of those who I have disappointed.”

Golding has been on staff at Alabama since 2018 initially serving as the defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach. His title since 2019 has strictly been defensive coordinator for the Tide.

Written by Mark Harris

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  1. The Universal Rule for such incidents in The Rules For Fans is ….
    (1) Such incidents are “Meh … No Big Deal” when they happen to My Team …
    (2) The exact same incidents happening to any other team – Especially to our Hated Rival – is an OMG OMG OMG He Must Be Fired Immediately and that School given THE DEATH PENALTY!
    Fan Reactions are more predictable than sun rises and tides.

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