Pete Davidson’s Hot Streak Continues With Joe Pesci

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Pete Davidson has magic powers or something. Davidson is on the hottest streak for a bachelor since Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90s.

What’s his newest relationship conquest you ask? Joe Pesci. But it’s a professional relationship. Pesci has agreed to come out of acting retirement. He co-stars in Davidson’s upcoming Peacock comedy series “Bupkis”.

At this point, Davidson is on a crazy heater.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. (Getty Images)
Davidson and Ariana Grande. (Getty Images)

And this is not hyperbole … Joe Pesci is one of the greatest actors in movie history. He has the greatest acceptance speech in Oscar history after winning Best Supporting Actor for his part in “Goodfellas”.

Joe Pesci accepts the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Goodfellas” at the 1991 Academy Awards.

Pesci even stars in one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, “Home Alone.” Simply put, Pesci crushes every acting role.

“Bupkis” has a solid cast. It is a comedy series based loosely on Davidson’s life starring Edie Falco from “The Sopranos” as Davidson’s mother and Pesci as Davidson’s grandfather.

That said, the main takeaway from this story is Davidson’s uncanny ability to get superstars to hang with him. Bill Burr co-starred in Davidson’s semi-biopic, “The King of Staten Island.”

Then there are Davidson’s off-the-field scores. Younger guys look up to Davidson and we older cats are just impressed. Sure, Clay Travis is the star of this show but no one outkicks their coverage like Davidson.

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