Pete Buttigieg Invests In Female Crash Test Dummies To Fight ‘Gender Inequity’

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg found a new use for U.S. taxpayer dollars: female crash test dummies.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) praised Buttigieg for his efforts at a transportation committee hearing Thursday.

DeLauro calls the inclusion of female dummies “the start of the fight for gender inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims.”

What exactly is “inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims” you might ask?

Unfortunately, Mrs. DeLauro didn’t explain.

Nor did the angry feminists who last year demanded Buttigieg invest in female test dummies. #GenderInequity.

3 Crash Test Dummys in front of a concrete wall

Still, the advent of female dummies only raises more questions for Buttigieg to answer.

First, are we sure the default dummies were males? What is a woman, anyway?

Second, what about trans dummies?

Will there be specific dummies for male drivers who call themselves women while in the car?

Third, this leaves no option for our non-binary friends.

Does Buttigieg not support representing characters like former Biden official Sam Brinton in training courses?

Fourth, when did Democrats start caring about women again?

All questions that remain void of answers at the time of publication.

Anyway, always good to see Mr. Buttigieg focused on matters dire to the nation. Earlier this year, he ranted about the lack of diversity on construction sites across the country at the time of a toxic train derailment in Ohio.

Pete Buttigieg is the face of an unserious nation.

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