‘People’s Champ’ Jake Paul Says He Will Meet With Presidential Candidates

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Rest easy, America. Our fate is in the hands of Jake Paul.

OK, not really. But the social media star turned boxer is taking an interest in political policy. And in a series of Instagram stories Sunday, he revealed his plans to meet with the 2024 Presidential candidates.

And apparently Vivek Ramaswamy is the first man up.

“Vivek for President?” he posted on X over the weekend.

And on Tuesday, Ramaswamy shared a video of the two playing tennis.

On Sunday, Paul called the Republican candidate a “good ass American who could seriously help us.”

But the 26-year-old isn’t settled on Ramaswamy just yet. Paul said he also wants to talk with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and claims to know folks from the Trump campaign “personally.”

“So I’m meeting with the potential presidential candidates,” Paul said. “Mainly because I think this is the most important election in the past 100 years… we need someone great. America is falling. So I feel a responsibility to use my platform to help America and my future kids who one day will have to go to school in all this madness.”

And he’s not entirely wrong there. The 2024 election is probably the most consequential one in our lifetime.

'People's Champ' Jake Paul Says He Will Meet With Presidential Candidates
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Americans are concerned about a slew of major issues, including rising crime, rapid inflation, poor education and an influx of migrants surging across the southern border — just to name a few.

But instead of fixing any of those things, our current president spends his time eating ice cream, rambling incoherently and falling up staircases. And he wants four more years.

Jake Paul Says He’ll Help You Pick The Best Candidate

Despite being buddy-buddy with Ramaswamy, Paul says he’s non-partisan.

“I seem right wing, but really I’m pretty neutral on all policies and want the truth to be told,” he said. “I just want the games to be put to the side, and I want the salesmen politics to die.”

'People's Champ' Jake Paul Says He Will Meet With Presidential Candidates
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“The Problem Child” also says he’s tired of the United States being embarrassed on the world stage.

“At the end of the day, other countries look at us as a joke! For real. It’s sad,” Paul said. “So we need to become united regardless but so much work to do. And my insta story not gonna change the game but I’m here for y’all and as the wealthiest person my age in the world (Kylie couldn’t), I hope you can entrust that I would make a good decision for president.”

So once Jake decides who we should all vote for, he’ll let us know. Just don’t forget to head to the polls.

“People think this sh-t isn’t important and it so is! Your vote matters. Now I sound like a marketer and a weirdo but frfr,” he wrote. “I’m trying to help us. I’m the peoples champ and always will be. I got y’all.”

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