People On Social Media Aren’t Happy About Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul Fight

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At one point yesterday afternoon, my girlfriend looked at me and said, “Oh yeah, that boxing match between that Paul brother and actual boxer comes on tonight” before asking if I wanted to order it on pay-per-view.

Of course, she was talking about Floyd Mayweather fight versus YouTuber Logan Paul — or was it Jake? I’m still not entirely sure. For a second, I entertained the idea, but I quickly came to my senses. From the jump, we all knew what that fight was going to be.

Was it going to be legitimate? Absolutely not. There weren’t any judges, and there wasn’t going to be a winner or loser declared. I don’t know about you, but after already being on the fence about ordering it, I was completely out at that moment. Did people really think there would be some sort of knock out?

Once again, absolutely not.

Yet the fight still happened, and plenty of people paid for it. And yes, this is a huge flex on my part for not giving in and watching that travesty. But for those who did, well … it went down just like we all thought it would.

Logan — or Jake, whoever — Paul lasted eight rounds due to a lot of dodging and hugging. Now Mayweather is being criticized and made fun of. But why? Mayweather just got a huge pay day, as did whichever Paul brother just fought him. And this is what they looked like at the end of the fight:

Folks, anyone who tuned into that fight is the real loser here. I’m feeling a little on the losing side by just writing about it, but we know this whole celebrity boxing, easy payday nonsense isn’t going away anytime soon. So might as well bring you all some great reactions on social media.

The fun didn’t happen in the ring; it happened on social media during and after the fight. And guess what? That was free. Check out some of these tweets.

Reminder: time is money, Jalen — and you still watched it.

Now, if you paid for the fight — or devoted any of your time to it — then I’m sure you’re feeling a little taken advantage of. It’s fair to feel that way, but also understand that boxing — and other sports like UFC — do a great job of creating hype.

Jake Paul stealing Mayweather’s hat and all that other nonsense were nice marketing ploys. It got a lot of people, so don’t feel too bad. Just learn from this feeling and never allow them to take your hard earned money away again unless there are serious stakes on the line.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Guys, no one paid to see a boxing match. They paid money to see what would happen between a guy who everyone wants to knock out (Paul) and a guy past his prime but a vicarious proxy to deliver said knock out. Plus like him or not, Paul has this great white hope factor where Everyman sees himself in him and an Everyman and wants to know if he got jacked and trained a little, how he could hold up against a world class fighter old or not. It’s an very male I ingrained sports fantasy. That’s what people paid for. Not “boxing”.

  2. Anyone with half a brain would have streamed this for free. What else is on tv on a Sunday night? I’ll wait….. That’s right nothing. This was a nice little excuse to have a few beers and watch a shitty showtime event. At least this wasn’t triller. Oh yeah!! and This fucking dude just wrote a COLUMN about it 😂 hilarious and yet just talked shit about people watching it??? WTF! Almost every artical on Outkick is just a dude hating on LeBron (I don’t mind) or telling you that you’re dumb for watching X.

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