#PeachBowlGirl Explains Viral Moment, Hopes To Maybe Land Some Dates

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#PeachBowlGirl Catherine Gurd has opened up about going mega-viral.

Gurd was captured on the broadcast during the Ohio State/Georgia game, and the rest is history. The Xavier freshman lacrosse player immediately blew up across the web.

She’s now explained the instantly legendary moment, and told “Inside Edition” that the moment she was captured on video she was actually “distraught” as the Buckeyes missed a game-winning field goal.

While Gurd, who has a brother on OSU’s roster, might have been distraught in the moment, she does recognize the upside to the situation she finds herself in.

When asked if she thinks she’ll land some dates from her viral fame, Gurd grinned and responded with, “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Catherine Gurd appears ready to capitalize on her newfound fame.

Going from viral internet fame to jumping on “Inside Edition” is a veteran move. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

As we all know, fame can disappear in a moment. You need to make sure momentum stays high and you keep rolling.

Catherine Gurd explains viral moment during the Ohio State/Georgia game. (Credit: Catherine Gurd/Instagram)

That’s exactly what Gurd has done, and clearly, things seem to be going well. She’s sitting with nearly 48,000 Instagram followers and more than 166,000 TikTok followers. Yeah, it’s safe to say Gurd is crushing it now that she’s found some viral attention.

As for finding a date, we don’t know whether or not Gurd struggled with that before (seems unlikely), but if she did, that problem is gone.

The internet has been talking about her for the past several days. Plus, she’s a D1 athlete. I’m not an expert on women, but it seems like she should do just fine.

Is Gurd here to stay? That remains to be seen, but clearly, she’s doing something right by parlaying her viral moment into a major TV appearance. We might have found a new star.

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