Paulina Gretzky Gets The New Year Started In A Pink Bikini

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Paulina Gretzky hasn’t put her Instagram flamethrower away. The 34-year-old, who just celebrated a birthday, is picking up in the new year right where she left off in 2022. What a year it was for the golf WAG and her family.

Paulina and husband Dustin Johnson stacked up win after win, which was accompanied by party after party, which means content on top of content. There were small breaks in the action, but for the most part the content stream was steady.

The stream flowed right up to and through the holidays. All the way to the ball dropping in the final seconds of the year.

Paulina Gretzky bikini
Paulina Gretzky ending 2022 with another heater (Image Credit: Paulina Gretzky/Instagram Story)

So where does one start when hoping to pickup where they left off after such a strong year? In a bikini, of course. Not any old boring bikini either. You have to breakout an eye catching pink one.

You then jump in a matching pink jeep and grab a couple of chicks. That’s exactly how Paulina got the new year started on Monday. She had a couple of pictures snapped then captioned it “Just Chicks.”

One plus one equals two and just like that Paulina’s 2023 is off and running. The angle is perfect, the tan is on point, the early win is in her pocket.

Paulina Gretzky Is Ready For Another Big Year!

Paulina truly makes it all look very easy. The truth is, that by no means is what she does easy. She’s been at it for a while now and gets the game.

Sure she gets an assist from “The Great One” with her last name, but as sad as it sounds, there’s probably a follower or two of hers who has no idea who her father is.

They’re following her because of the name she’s made with her perfectly timed appearances at golf events and for her ability to feed the Instagram algorithm.

Here’s to another year filled to the brim with Paulina’s LIV Golf, bikini-fueled, nonstop party content.

Written by Sean Joseph

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