Paul Pierce Awkwardly Explains To Lance Armstrong Infamous Stripper Video Costing Him ESPN Job

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Paul Pierce’s attempt to explain to Lance Armstrong how he lost his job at ESPN over a video of strippers is downright painful to watch.

Pierce was infamously let go from ESPN after he fired up a camera and filmed himself smoking and drinking with some strippers in his free time.

It was certainly not illegal, but apparently, ESPN felt it went too far and he was let go.

Warning: Some might find the contents of the video graphic and inappropriate.

Paul Pierce explains stripper video to Lance Armstrong.

Now, a couple years later, he appeared on the Fox celebrity competition show “Stars on Mars,” and attempted to explain how it all went down to the former biker.

There was just one problem. Armstrong didn’t seem to understand that “girls shaking their ass” meant strippers.

“I did. I said girls shaking their ass…What do you think girls shaking their ass is,” Pierce responded to Armstrong’s visible confusion about strippers.

You can watch the moment unfold below. It is something to behold.

This was a brutally awkward exchange.

I’m kind of at a loss for words with this one. Why is Paul Pierce out here talking about drinking and getting after it with strippers years after the fact?

Could he at least finesse his language a bit? He’s out here talking about strippers “shaking their ass” like it’s no big deal at all.

Everything about it was awkward. Paul Pierce’s facial expressions were awkward, Lance Armstrong not having a clue what Pierce was referencing was awkward and it all combined for a great TV moment.

Paul Pierce explains infamous stripper video to Lance Armstrong. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

To be clear, smoking, drinking and partying with strippers is definitely not illegal. This is America. You have rights and freedoms in this country. You just might not want to livestream it. Use some common sense and discretion. If Paul Pierce had done that, he’d still be working at ESPN. However, given what a dumpster fire the network is, maybe it was all for the best!

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