Ravens LB Patrick Queen Makes Cryptic Claim About Mac Jones’ Trash Talk, Does Not Clarify

Mac Jones allegedly said something to Patrick Queen on Sunday. It could have been anything, but the latter is claiming that the former told him something during the Ravens’ game in Foxborough.

Patrick has not said what Mac Jones said. He left it completely open-ended with a cryptic tweet after beating the Patriots by 11.

Early in the third quarter of Sunday’s game at Gillette Stadium, the Baltimore linebacker dropped a potential interception on a pass from Jones. New England scored on the next play and took a six-point lead.

After running back Damien Harris found the end zone, Jones was barking at Queen. Queen didn’t like it.

After the game, Queen appeared to address the moment between him and Jones. However, he left things very open-ended and did not clarify his claim.

In turn, it was extremely cryptic and appeared to carry a negative connotation.

Patrick Queen made it seem like Mac Jones said something bad, whether he did or did not.

Jones and Queen overlapped in 2018 and 2019 at Alabama and LSU, respectively. They have played each other in the past, and there may be some history there.

Maybe not. We don’t know. Queen didn’t say.

Instead, the 23-year-old left it at “shoulda heard what he told me,” which seems irresponsible. This could be much ado about nothing. Queen could be joking in good fun about some light-hearted trash talk between him and the Patriots signal-caller.

But it doesn’t seem like it. The way that he dropped that tidbit on Twitter and then went silent makes it come across as if Jones said something that he shouldn’t have.

If that is the case, Queen needs to come out and say it. He needs to clarify what Jones said so that it can be addressed, if it is an actual issue.

If that is not the case, and Jones was just jarring without any problematic language or insinuations, Queen needs to come out and say that too. The way that things are currently paints a poor picture on Jones without any context.

Somebody needs to set the record straight.

Written by Grayson Weir

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