Patrick Mahomes Is Officially Playing Sunday, Gives Update On How He’s Feeling

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Patrick Mahomes announced Friday that he will play in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game and that he’s out of protocol and ready to go.

“I just got out of the protocol,” Mahomes said. “The week has been a bunch of testing, a bunch of different things to make sure I’m good to go and there’s no lingering effects or anything like that.

“Everything’s been good, and I went through what the three or four different doctors have said. Everything’s looked well, and I’m out of it now.”

According to those who observed practice this week, Mahomes has been with the Chiefs all week and taken a majority of the reps.

“Luckily enough, I haven’t had any symptoms, and I’m able to play,” the QB added. “I just prepared myself and controlled what I could control. And luckily enough, we’re at where we’re at now.”

Mahomes completed 80% of his passes and threw for two touchdowns in a 26-17 Week 6 win over the Bills.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. So NOW the story is that Mahomes DID have a concussion, but it’s all fine because he went through the concussion protocol even though the NFL and the Chiefs and Dr. David Chow and lots of other people who are NOT neurologists said he DIDN’T have a concussion, but basically fainted because he was tackled around the neck?

    I’m confused.

    OK, I’m really not confused. I understand fully that the NFL is duplicitous and fake. I understand that it is all about the money boys!! (in my best John Goodman voice!) I understand that if the NFL’s single most identifiable and loved player can’t play on Sunday in the big playoff game, they lose viewers by the millions and therefore millions of $$$.

    I watched part of one NFL game last week, for the first time in 2 years. It will be my last. Can’t stand the posturing, wokeness, lying, giving felons jobs for millions, whining about “social justice.” I’m wondering when NFL teams will be forced to give Sarah Fuller a tryout.

    Count me out, Roger.

  2. I may not be a blast at a party, but I am a REAL doctor and have treated REAL patients with concussions. For 30+ years, btw. I know the difference between a vaso-vagal reaction and a concussion.

    Sorry I annoy you but often people who don’t have access to facts (or understand them) get annoyed when their distorted world view doesn’t conform to science.

    Keep buying that NFL gear, though. That Ravens jersey is sure to impress your dinner party guests!

  3. Personally, I don’t think one needed to be a doctor to diagnose that Patrick never got hit in the head, and nor did his head hit the ground or get whiplashed. The fact that the NFL/Chiefs kept him in concussion protocol all week was stupid. He need to be under a doctor’s care, no doubt, but we all know he didn’t have a concussion.

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