Controversy Unfolds Surrounding Questionable Tackle After Patrick Mahomes Gets Injured, Heads Into Locker Room

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Patrick Mahomes refused to come out of Saturday’s AFC Divisional game against the Jaguars. He was struggling to walk without a limp, but the Chiefs quarterback was not going to let it keep him from playing on.

The question is whether the tackle was dirty or not.

Late in the first quarter, Mahomes had the pocket collapse around him while throwing a short pass over the middle. As he was brought down, Jacksonville linebacker Arden Key pulled him to the turf by his shoulder and landed directly on top of his ankle.

Meanwhile, defensive tackle Corey Peters pulled at Mahomes’ midsection. It made for a really awkward collapse in which the quarterback was folded up on top of himself.

Mahomes was unable to put full pressure on his right leg. He limped his way through the remainder of the quarter.

At the break, Mahomes went to the sideline. The Kansas City training staff wrapped his ankle and tried to give him as much support as possible before he went back out onto the field.

Initially, Mahomes told head coach Andy Reid that he would not come out of the game.

Eventually, though, he was not given a choice.

Chad Henne came into the game and took over at quarterback on the next drive. Mahomes came back out to the sideline as his 37-year-old backup led the offense.

While injuries happen, the question in this instance stems from the tackle.

Was the tackle on Patrick Mahomes a dirty play?

It did not appear as though Key wrapped up the way that he normally would.

The tackle sparked quite a bit of controversy. Some fans thought it was suspect.

Others did not agree, and some blamed the NFL’s crackdown on quarterback hits.

You be the judge! Was it a dirty play?

Mahomes is officially listed as questionable.

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