Patrick Mahomes’ Grandma Loses A Bet, Sucks Down A Coors Light With Her Grandson

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While the national media was busy compiling its list of Kelce Bros story ideas for Super Bowl LVII, Patrick Mahomes was in a suite with his grandma suckin’ down Coors Lights and cookin’ up what will undoubtedly become a new storyline for the blue checkmarks.

Going off what Randi Mahomes is telling us here, it seems like Grandma Debbie made some sort of bet claiming she’d crush a Coors if Patrick and the Chiefs made it back to the Super Bowl. “I won the bet!! She drank it!! Winning!! Now i need help with this grandma she’s gets to hang with me in Arizona!!! Help!! Lol,” Randi tweeted early Monday morning as the Mahomes party got crankin’.

Patrick Mahomes’ grandma, Debbie Martin, salutes the Chiefs with a Coors Light after her grandson’s team beat the Bengals 23-20 at Arrowhead Stadium. / Instagram

Go crazy, national media.

Debbie Martin is officially a story. Is there a new Super Bowl bet? Will Debbie crush more victory beers? Will Debbie be trotted out at Chiefs Super Bowl parties? Will she pour victory Coors into Travis Kelce’s mouth while standing on a six-foot Werner ladder?

All eyes from the national outlets will be on Donna Kelce as she lives through hell as her sons face off in the Super Bowl, but say hello to a new story.

And while I’m at it, how about Pat Mahomes Sr. having a much bigger presence at the AFC title game. He spent the night partying in the Mahomes family suite, which is something we haven’t seen much of since Patrick entered the NFL. Pat Sr., who divorced Randi in 2006, has since remarried.

“Light that s–t, baby, light it,” Patrick Mahomes’ incredibly annoying wife Brittany yelled at her father-in-law while partying it up in the suite.

“That’s my God damn son,” Pat Mahomes could be heard saying on another video.

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