Patrick Mahomes Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Brittany Matthews

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Patrick Mahomes got engaged to longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews Tuesday night, the same night that Mahomes got his Super Bowl ring in a ceremony at Arrowhead Stadium where the NFL season kicks off next Thursday. It’s unclear how Mahomes popped the question Brittany had been waiting for, but I have to assume PEOPLE magazine will have you covered on that front.

We do have this photo of Brit Brit’s massive diamond rock next to a bowl of beautiful shrimp cocktail and I have to admit I’m more impressed by those decapod crustaceans. But the ladies out there need to see the rock that the future husband went out and spent three paychecks on because they want to compare their lives to Brittany’s so here you go…analyze away, ladies.

Patrick Mahomes engaged
via Brittany Matthews/Instagram Story

That right there is what you can afford after signing a half-billion contract (true, not a guaranteed $503 million, but damn close) and you want to make a statement to the rest of the league. The problem here is that women across the league are going to tell their NFL boyfriends that Brittany’s ring is so beautiful and it really is the perfect engagement ring. That’s going to lead to some of these poor bastards blowing retirement money on a ring.

So get your mentals right, fellas. Don’t try to be Patrick Mahomes. Leave this world to the guys who’re going to make a billion playing in the NFL (the quarterbacks).

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Dear Patrick M,

    Before you get married to this Chica, tell her you are thinking of donating the bulk of your new contract to charity. Pay attention to her reaction. Freeze it in your mind.

    You will see that look again. At your first divorce hearing.

    God Bless 🤦‍♀️

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