Patrick Mahomes Hits Back At Flopping Allegations: ‘The Most Pain I Had Was Stopping’

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Patrick Mahomes doesn’t want to hear any nonsense about him being a flopper.

Mahomes was hit out of bounds in the closing moment against the Bengals by Joseph Ossai, and the penalty allowed the Chiefs to kick a game-winning field goal.

Some people apparently think he faked getting lit up from behind, and he’s now set the record straight.

Patrick Mahomes says he’s not a flopper.

Not only does Patrick Mahomes want people to know he didn’t flop, but he also wants them to know he was in a ton of pain.

“The most pain I had was stopping. So once he pushed me, it would have been hard to put my foot in the ground and try to stop. So I rolled through it. You get over there with the heaters and the benches and people, that’s where a lot of times, people get hurt. I think that’s the reason why there’s a flag for getting pushed out of bounds like that late. I mean, I was pretty far out of bounds. It was probably the furthest I’ve been out of bounds before I’ve been hit. So I rolled through it,” Mahomes said Thursday when asked about allegations he flopped, according to The Kansas City Star (via Larry Brown Sports).

Mahomes continues to deal with a high-ankle sprain, and that hit most certainly didn’t help.

Does anyone really think he flopped?

How could anyone really think Patrick Mahomes flopped. Let’s take a quick look at the evidence and decide for ourselves.

Exhibit A (the only exhibit that matters and will be shown): Patrick Mahomes was clearly out of bounds, was hit from behind and wasn’t even looking.

Patrick Mahomes responds to flopping allegations. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

While I’m down for a great conspiracy theory from time to time, there’s just nothing here. Mahomes definitely didn’t flop. Joseph Ossai made a bonehead decision and jacked him up. It’s truly that simple.

Did Patrick Mahomes flop? (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

As for Mahomes’ ankle, Chiefs fans are holding their breath he’ll be ready by February 12th. Judging by how he looked against Cincy, there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

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