Patrick Mahomes Appears To Have An Official Beer Sponsorship

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It appears Patrick Mahomes has inked a deal with the Chiefs and Coors Light this week. By now you know about the $500 million (with a bunch guaranteed) deal he signed with the Chiefs. Now out in Tahoe for the American Century Championship tournament, it appears Mahomes is officially becoming a brand influencer for Coors.

As someone who tracks athletes for a living, I never knew Mahomes was a Coors guy even with him slamming a Coors during the Chiefs Super Bowl parade. It could’ve just been a random 12-pack sitting at his feet and it’s what he grabbed. Then it all started to click when I saw a photo in June posted by his girlfriend Brittany. It was Mahomes enjoying a boat day with a mountain fresh Coors. That’s it, full confirmation Mahomes is a Coors guy.

Now we get Mahomes fully working with Coors in Tahoe. There it is, even more money in Mahomes pocket and what I’d expect to be a lifetime supply of Coors at his houses. All of his houses.

What’s the total value of a brand deal with Mahomes look like? I’ll leave that to a brain like Rovell, but I can tell you that Peyton Manning’s Budweiser mentions back in 2016 were valued at $13.9 million. The NFL was different in 2016 when players weren’t allowed to use their likeness in alcohol ads. That all changed in 2019 and it’s a good bet you’re about to get Mahomes Coors ads across your TV on Sundays. That said, Bud Light remains the official beer of the NFL. The deal runs through 2022.

Will that lead to Coors getting back in the NFL game with the best player in the game, who actually really likes the beer? If Coors does jump back in you can go ahead and add a few more dollars onto Mahomes’ future earnings.

Patrick Mahomes Coors Light
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