Patrick Mahomes Denying Kid’s Autograph Request Leads To Incredibly Awkward Moment

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Patrick Mahomes turned down a kid’s autograph request, and the exchange was absolutely brutal to watch.

Video surfaced Wednesday on Twitter of the Kansas City Chiefs QB at the American Century Championship last week, and a little kid wanted wanted Mahomes to jot down his signature for him.

However, Mahomes said he couldn’t do it because he couldn’t sign for one kid and not the other 99 around.

“Can’t sign for everyone … can’t make everybody happy,” Mahomes told the boy and his father. Well, the dad didn’t get the message because he fired back with, “Yeah, you can … you can just make one kid happy out of a hundred.”

From there, it just got more and more awkward during the short exchange.

Patrick Mahomes denies autograph request.

Apparently, part of the issue was Mahomes was being a bit too generous with his autographs prior to his moment being filmed.

“They told me I can’t do anymore … I was signing stuff, and they said I was taking too long,” told fans who wanted autographs at the event, according to Fox News.

Once it was shut down, it was shut down for good in Mahomes’ mind. If everyone couldn’t have one, then nobody could have one….or that’s at least the logic the Kansas City Chiefs QB used.

Awkward exchange happens after Patrick Mahomes denies autograph request. (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

More importantly, an answer was given and that should have been the end of it. Not only was an answer given, but it came with a reasonable explanation.

He couldn’t just sign for one kid and not every other kid there. Now, whether you buy that or not is a different subject. However, it is a *reasonable* explanation, especially given the context he was told earlier to stop signing autographs.

There are plenty of examples of athletes blowing fans off in disrespectful fashion. Was this disrespectful? I don’t think so. He politely said no and then explained why. It was then the dad who kept it rolling. Just give it up, dude. It’s a golf event. It’s not an autograph event.

Patrick Mahomes denied a kid’s autograph request at the American Century Championship. (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

Whose side are you on? Seems like the rational opinion is there aren’t any true villains here, but dragging Mahomes seems unnecessary.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. We have been to American Century Championship in Tahoe several times. They always say if you want pictures and autographs go to the Wednesday and Thursday practice rounds. When the actual tournament starts on Friday the players get very serious about their golf. We usually go during the days of the more casual practice rounds and we have seen Patrick Mahomes several times throwing footballs with young kids, taking selfies with fans etc. My wife is a Chiefs fan now because of how we observed him interacting with the fans.

  2. Dad probably had a few brewskis by that point and decided to go after Mahomes like a solid DE, but yeah Mahomes from everything I’ve seen on television is one of the fan friendliest ppl out there, let him be.

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