Patagonia Is Latest Company To Venture Into The Woke/Broke Waters

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If you’re vacation at Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort this weekend and run out of firewood, you could always torch any Patagonia clothing you might have laying around. And hell, Patagonia would probably be OK with it. In the latest go woke, go broke move, Patagonia announced they will no longer supply the resort with their products because the resort owner hosted a right-wing fundraiser.

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is reportedly Patagonia’s (an outdoor clothing and apparel company) single largest customer in the area. The liberal clothing outfitter is pulling their products because they’re upset that resort owners Jay and Karen Kemmerer were co-sponsors of an early-August GOP fundraiser that featured Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows. All of whom are members of the Republican party.

“We join with the local community that is using its voice in protest. We will continue to use our business to advocate for stronger policies to protect our planet, end hate speech and support voting rights and a strong democracy,” said Corley Kenna, a Patagonia spokeswoman.

Wyoming’s premier ski resort seems unbothered by Patagonia’s woke decision. “JHMR retail will continue to offer world-class brands across our retail locations with the aim to provide the best service and product assortment for our guests. We have been a leader in the ski industry in adopting initiatives to reduce our energy consumption, recycle the consumables used by our employees and guests, and treat the spectacular natural habitat which surrounds us with vision and care,” JHMR’s president Mary Kate Buckley said in a statement.

Seems as if going forward, these Wyoming slopes will be speckled with more red than blue.


Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. As we snarl “Who Cares… No Big Deal” … F U Patagonia … etc”. … liberal Wokies tend to copy one another. … Could this become a Woke-fad as “America” continues to unravel … as we are forced to “choose sides” in every aspect of our lives ?

    If so … so be it.

    • You are prescient… they chose to cut their market in half while their competitors seek more market share… won’t be long your prediction will be true and when they start scrambling for financing their “Business Model” of “Equity” is going to be impossible to market to financiers.

  2. North Face did the same thing to an oil & gas company, they would not provide them clothing… Nike, Patagonia, North Face, all overpriced with plenty of other good companies from which to choose. Love New Balance, Hoka, Columbia, along with others. Off subject, but Nike Shoes are made for men with skinny little girlie feet, and their shoes lose their cushion twice as fast as competitors.

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