Pat Sajak Threatens WWE Wrestler After Raunchy ‘Wheel’ Answer Antics

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Mere days after Pat Sajak manhandled “Wheel of Fortune” Fred with a brutal chicken wing wrestling move after the contestant finished off a perfect game in the bonus round, the veteran gameshow host is now going viral for having words with WWE wrestler Xavier Woods.

During Monday night’s WWE “Wheel” show, a contestant named Tracina Jones was trying to solve a puzzle with the help of Drew McIntyre when she blurted out “Playing with balls” as the answer to the puzzle.

“Wheel” contestant Tracina Jones guesses “Playing with balls” for a puzzle in the “Fun & Games” category. / Twitter
Veteran WWE wrestler Xavier Woods cannot contain his laughter over Tracina’s “balls” guess. / Twitter
Enter Pat Sajak, who has been looking for wrestling action. Will he have a guest spot at this Sunday’s Wrestlemania? People are talking. / Twitter

The answer wasn’t correct in the “Fun and Games” category and as the camera panned to show Woods and his playing partner Mike Bozzuffi, you could see Woods nearly bursting out in laughter over Tracina’s “Playing with balls” answer.

Jones eventually answered “Playing with dolls,” which was right and it led to a huge showdown between the 76-year-old Sajak, who has clearly been working on his wrestling game, and Woods, who is a Wrestlemania veteran.

“You’re trouble,” Sajak said to Woods, who responded, “What did I do?”

Yes, Sajak laughed, but let’s not forget that Sajak has been on a wrestling heater here. This guy’s clearly looking for wrestling action. He’s been in the gym training. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what “Wheel of Fortune” Fred said last week after his dust-up with the show’s host.

“I wasn’t going anywhere. He’s way stronger than he looks,” Fred said of the legendary show host. “I tried to fight out, but he had me so tight that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“That doesn’t mean it hurt necessarily, it just means that he has a much bigger knack for pro wrestling than I think anyone would give him credit for.”

I’m telling you guys right now, something is clearly building towards Wrestlemania this Sunday at Sofi Stadium. It’s feeling like we’re going to get some sort of Sajak moment where maybe he provides interference during a match. Could we possibly see Sajak throw a wrestler into some sort of chokehold from his seat along the fence in the front row.

Don’t be shocked if it happens. This guy’s about the action.

Pat Sajak, 76, putting “Wheel of Fortune” Fred in a chicken wing and applying some sort of crossface choke hold. / Twitter

Written by Joe Kinsey

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