Pat Sajak Loses It On ‘Wheel Of Fortune,’ Assaults* Contestant After Historic Victory

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That’s assault, brother!

Pat Sajak, 76, went off the rails Tuesday night on “Wheel of Fortune” when he attacked Fred, an amateur wrestler who pulled off a historic night on the game show.

Sajak, possibly fuming over Fred running the table and winning every puzzle, plus $40,000 in Wheel cash in the bonus round, threw the contestant into a vicious arm lock as the show’s producers faded to black on a dark day in Wheel history.

Wheel watchers say this is now the second contestant to run the table this season — Ricky, the observers report, did it early in Season 40 and that was the first time a perfect game had been played in five years.

The host has clearly seen enough out of guys like Ricky and Fred.

Pat Sajak goes off the rails and attacks Fred after his $40,000 bonus round victory. / Twitter
Pat Sajak might need an intervention after Tuesday night’s attack on amateur wrestler Fred. / Twitter

During the bio part of the show, Fred told Pat that he is a drama teacher who is also an amateur wrestler. Fred also shared that he “met his girlfriend in a wrestling class.”

That set the stage for what played out at the end of the show.

“You brute!” Pat yelled at the end of the show. “You want me to body slam him for you? I can do that,” the furious host added as all hell broke loose.


How rare is the perfect Wheel of Fortune game?

Researchers say there have been just 10 since 2000, but Fred’s money total is light compared to the bags Sajak was handing out in February when three straight contestants hit $100k in the bonus round.

As for perfect games, Ricky Gilbert’s crazy run in December is considered one of the greatest nights on the Wheel in the show’s 40-year history.

“Ricky Gilbert is the first @WheelofFortune contestant to solve every puzzle including the Bonus Round since the addition of the Triple Toss-Ups. This has only happened 19 times since the addition of Toss-Ups in 2000,” former Wheel winner WheelRob wrote at the time.

He added: “Let me clarify… 19 times in the Toss-Up era where anyone swept the game regardless of whether they won the Bonus Round or not. 10 of those 19 ‘sweepers’, including Ricky, won their Bonus Round.”

In other words, Sajak is seeing things he and Vanna White have never experienced and it’s clearly sending one of them off the deep end.

Stay safe out there, Wheel contestants.

Fred can’t believe he just made more money in 20 minutes than he’ll ever make during his wrestling career. / Twitter

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  1. This is not good writing. I’m all about having fun and trying to find news in things that are not traditional newsworthy, but the interpretation of this in order to create click bait is awful. You’re better than this, Joe.

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