Pat McAfee Rips NFL For Not Letting Him Use Logos On His Show

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Pat McAfee tore into the NFL during The Pat McAfee Show after he revealed that the league told him he can’t use league logos.

Sorry, not the NFL — the Professional American Football League.

“The Professional American Football League will finish its eighth week of its riveting primetime schedule as the Cincinnati football club travels to Cleveland to take on Cleveland’s football club and a lot of people might be asking, ‘Pat, on this particular Halloween, why are you talking the way that you’re talking about the league that you’ve talked about for the last three years?’”

McAfee said that while he has a deal with NFL Films to show highlights — which cost him more than $4 million — the league informed him that he couldn’t use league or team logos. This prompted him to unveil some crudely drawn placeholders.

“It’s been great doing business with you. I’m happy we have covered your league in the way that we have for the last few years,” the punter-turned-broadcaster said. “I’m appreciative of the league and everything it’s done.”

However, he then indicated that in the future he could start discussing more controversial topics that the league prefers to shy away from. These included insurance, CTE and concussions.

Pat McAfee was fired up after learning that the NFL would no longer let him use their logos on his YouTube show. (Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images)

McAfee Blames ‘Dips—‘ Lawyer

It’s seems odd that the league would want to run afoul of one of the sport’s most prominent personalities. Especially over something like using logos.

McAfee chalked the whole situation up to one of the league’s lawyers.

“I wanted to celebrate everything that was the Professional American Football League. We did so in a fashion I guess we’re not supposed to even though we paid millions and millions of dollars to the league, played in the league, was a nominee to the Hall of Fame of the league, but can’t have any logos on the graphics, because obviously, some lawyer in that building is a f—ing dips—.”

McAfee also took to Twitter to air his grievance with eh league, tagging commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent Sr,

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this plays out and whether or not the league will reverse course.

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