Pat McAfee On Heroic Nashville Cops: ‘Some Motherf*ckers In Uniform’

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Pat McAfee has nothing but praise for the hero police officers who took down a deranged gunman Monday in Nashville.

Stunning body camera footage shows Nashville cops Michael Collazo and Rex Englebert along with a small team responding to Audrey Hale’s rampage at the Covenant School in spectacular fashion.

Englebert got a look at Hale, a biological woman turned transgender man, and immediately shot her with a rifle. Collazo followed up with several shots from his handgun to make sure Hale wasn’t getting up after she’d already killed six people, including three kids.

McAfee, like a lot of people, was incredibly impressed.

Pat McAfee praises heroic Nashville police officers.

“A little silver lining that we can find is that there were some motherf*ckers in uniform that sprinted directly towards actual gunfire. So, Mr. Englebert and Mr. Collazo, we like to say thank you to you and to all the others that serve the metro police there in Nashville. And, all people that in a moment of chaos have the courage and, I guess, the honor to run towards danger. You’re the f*cking … you’re dogs, dude,” McAfee told his audience Wednesday.

He also noted that “normally when you see that body cam, it’s the complete opposite” of what the heroes did in Nashville. For example, the cops in Uvalde waited an hour to do something as kids died.

Cops in Nashville didn’t wait a second. As McAfee noted, it was “f*cking awesome to watch that with how terrible everything else is around it, obviously.”

McAfee is 100% correct about the heroes in Nashville.

There’s no doubt McAfee is 100% correct with his assessment. As we wrote here on OutKick, Englebert and Collazo are both heroes.

Every single officer that stepped into the Covenant School ready to hang it all on the line to save kids is a hero.

Police shot and killed Audrey Hale after she murdered six innocent people. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Unlike what America saw in Uvalde, Englebert, Collazo and the few cops with them didn’t hesitate. They made immediate entry, started clearing and rushed towards gunfire.

As soon as Englebert got a clean look at Hale, he immediately killed her. It’s impossible to know for sure how many lives those cops saved but there’s no doubt it was a lot.

As McAfee said, it’s a terrible situation, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a silver lining here in the sense of watching heroics unfold. When faced with potential death, those cops just went to work and did what had to be done to save innocent people and children. That should make everyone incredibly proud.

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