Even Pat McAfee Doesn’t Know What Aaron Rodgers Is Going To Do, So How Are We Supposed To Know?

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As the world — mostly Jets fans (and players) — wait for the Aaron Rodgers saga to end, we keep searching for clues. One of the best sources for Rodgers news is Pat McAfee.

McAfee and Rodgers seem to be very good friends and the one person in the media Rodgers seems to trust is McAfee. So much so that Rodgers appears on Pat McAfee’s show most Tuesdays.

Aaron Rodgers is a frequent guest on Pat McAfee's radio and streaming show.
Aaron Rodgers is a frequent guest on Pat McAfee’s radio and streaming show (Screengrab/Pat McAfee Show)

So, with today being Tuesday, many people hoped Aaron Rodgers might make an appearance and spill his future plans.

No such luck, though, according to Pat McAfee.

Well, that’s lame.

Jets continue to be favorite to land Aaron Rodgers, despite lack of knowledge by Pat McAfee

We got some crumbs of information on Tuesday from OutKick’s own Armando Salguero. He reported that the New York Jets are targeting free agent receiver, and former Green bay Packer, Allen Lazard.


However, despite the clear connection, team sources say it has more to do with new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett than Aaron Rodgers.

Sure, OK.

Well, I guess we have to keep waiting. Keep sitting around patiently waiting for the next words out of Aaron Rodgers’ mouth.

He must love this, right? If he didn’t love all this attention, then why keep dragging it out? Not just this offseason, but last offseason. Remember when he said he might quite football to host Jeopardy!?

Please, Aaron, make it stop.

Or, don’t. It gives us something to write about. Which allows me to keep my job.

Hmm… now that I think about, drag it out, Aaron!

Don’t tell anyone! Just randomly show up in Week 1 on some team that no one knows about until you run out of the tunnel!

Actually, that sounds pretty awesome.

I accidentally come up with the best ideas.

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