Charleston Head Coach Pat Kelsey Will Not Help Other Teams Scout CAA Opponents, Not Even Recent Rival

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As the college basketball calendar year comes to a close each year, coaches across the country often collaborate during the postseason. Charleston head coach Pat Kelsey will not be one of them.

He isn’t going to spill any tea on anybody— not even his rivals.

Kelsey, 47, is in his second year as head coach of the Cougars and led them to the NCAA Tournament for just second time since 2000. Charleston lost just three games and won the Colonial Athletic Association tournament by five on Tuesday to secure an automatic March Madness bid.

His team is an electric factory and Kelsey is the electrician.

The rest of the CAA will not be dancing. At least, in The Big Dance.

Hofstra, UNC Wilmington and Towson could end up in the NIT. Others could play in the CBI.

Towson is particularly interesting, because things recently got chippy between Kelsey and Tigers head coach Pat Skerry. They had words during the CAA Tournament.

After the game, though, Kelsey was super classy in victory and apologized.

The beef is apparently squashed, because Kelsey doesn’t want to help any team beat his conference foes. Not even Towson.

When it comes to college basketball, coaches who have friendships or prior-standing relationships often help each other out. They’ll offer insight into an common opponent’s game play, swap game film, and things of that nature.

For example, if Hofstra faces Michigan in the first round of the NIT— Juwan Howard might call Kelsey and ask for some insider information. Should something of that nature be the case this year, the latter is simply not interested in talking long.

Kelsey issued a public service announcement to coaches across the country on Thursday. He is not a resource for opponents of CAA teams in the NIT or CBI.

Kelsey, who recently signed an extension to stay in South Carolina, is keeping his cards close to his chest. And apparently he is doing the same with the cards of his conference counterparts! Respect!

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