Pat Forde Whines About West Virginia’s Decision To Not Fire Bob Huggins, Calls Him State’s ‘Most Powerful Person’

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Pat Forde is not happy that West Virginia choose not to cave to cancel culture and fire basketball coach Bob Huggins.

Huggins has been taking some fire after jokingly calling Xavier fans “Catholic f*gs” during a radio interview earlier this week.

It was clearly a very poor attempt at humor, and Huggins quickly apologized for his poor choice of words.

(Warning: offensive language)

In response, West Virginia knocked Huggins’ salary down a million dollars (roughly 25% of his annual earnings), suspended him for a few games and mandated sensitivity training. I think a lot of rational people can look at a million dollar fine for a poor joke featuring a gay slur and think it’s massive overkill. That’s more money than the average American earns in a decade. Seems like a bit much for something that didn’t feature any malicious intent.

Well, Pat Forde thinks West Virginia didn’t go far enough.

Pat Forde complains Bob Huggins didn’t get canceled.

Forde screamed into the void that Huggins still has a job in what can best be described as a preachy column. He wrote, in part, the following:

Congratulations to Bob Huggins, who, on Wednesday, officially became the most powerful person in the state of West Virginia. That might have unofficially been the case for years, but West Virginia University has now laid it out formally for the world to see.

In deciding to retain and moderately penalize its Hall of Fame men’s basketball coach in the wake of him crassly using an anti-LGBTQ slur on a Cincinnati radio station Monday, WVU made its pecking order clear. Nobody else at the university could have gotten away with that casual public spewing of hate speech and kept their job with relatively minor repercussions. Nor could any politician, coal baron or other leader in the state.

That’s right, folks. Bob Huggins is now more powerful than billionaire coal barons because he *checks notes* didn’t lose his job over a joke.

Despite the fact he received a way too extreme punishment, considering the infraction, Forde wanted his head on a spike. Anything less for the outrage mob is just not sufficient.

This seems like a great time to remind people Pat Forde sat in silence like an absolute coward as Lia Thomas, a biological man, crushed his daughter in the pool.

Forde can’t stand up for his own blood, but he can find the courage to demand Bob Huggins be fired over a joke. What a sad and pathetic little man.

Some reactions to the Huggins situation have been unhinged.

The craziest part about the Bob Huggins situation is it really seems like it’s only losers in sports media and on social media demanding his career come to a crashing end.

Have the good, hard working people of West Virginia demanded he be fired? Do they even care at all? It doesn’t seem like it.

Yet, you can hop on Twitter and see countless losers demanding he be fired. It’s a fun reminder that most people in the media are softer than Charmin. Pat Forde wants to be taken seriously, but can’t even speak up for his own daughter. He’s just one example. Search Bob Huggins’ name on Twitter and just laugh at some of the results.

This isn’t a defense of Bob Huggins. It’s not. He should have been much smarter than to drop a slur during a radio interview, but intent matters. Most people can listen to the audio and understand it was an attempt at humor. A bad attempt, but an attempt nonetheless.

Bob Huggins fined $1 million after using gay slur. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Again, he was fined $1 million. How many of the people complaining have made that much money in the past five years? Probably not many. Yet, those losers don’t think losing 25% of your earnings over a bad joke goes far enough.

Ultimately, West Virginia refused to cave to the mob, and despite going way too far in my opinion, kept Huggins as the program’s basketball coach. That simply enrages the weak members of the woke mob.

West Virginia didn’t cave to the mob and refused to fire Bob Huggins. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

It’s truly hilarious watching them throw a tantrum. Normal people simply don’t have the time or energy to be outraged over this situation.

Written by David Hookstead

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