Refs Miss Unbelievably Obvious Pass Interference At End Of Browns/Steelers Game

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Browns fans should be livid after refs blew an unbelievably obvious pass interference call Monday night against the Steelers.

Deshaun Watson lobbed a a ball intended for Donovan Peoples-Jones on 4th & 10 from the Steelers 49-yard line down 26-22.

The ball sailed past Peoples-Jones and that was all she wrote for the Browns.

Refs hose the Browns on missed pass interference call.

However, that shouldn’t have been the case because Joey Porter Jr. might as well have put a saddle on Donovan Peoples-Jones for riding him so hard.

Multiple different angles show that not only was Porter grabbing the Cleveland receiver, he had him engaged with both hands at one point.

Yet, not a single ref on the field apparently saw it. You can watch two different angles below.

How was pass interference not called? Seriously, how did no ref throw a flag? Porter had his hands all over DPJ, inside his shoulder pads and pulling him away from the ball.

If there was ever a textbook example of pass interference, this would be it. There’s simply no excuse for missing a call like this, especially when Cleveland was driving to try to win the game on its final possession.

Completely inexcusable.

Refs missed an obvious pass interference call on Cleveland’s final play against the Steelers. Donovan Peoples-Jones was clearly grabbed by Joey Porter Jr. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

It’s hard to take NFL officiating seriously when mistakes like this are made. Cleveland fans have every right in the world to be livid, and I’m sure they are. Absolutely embarrassing officiating display from the NFL on Monday night.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. They also missed a facemask on the steelers, you can see on the replay the ref was staring at the play. There is no way he missed it, and if he did he shouldn’t be a referee becayse hes incompetent. It’s Unreal how these refs just randomly decide not to enforce the rules every week.

  2. Agree there was a missed facemask on the Steelers, but I don’t know how you say the ref was looking right at it. He would have had to have had X-ray vision to see through Deshaun’s helmet. The fact that you could see it from the TV angle and see the Ref, doesn’t mean the ref could see it. maybe he could have inferred it happened based on hand placement but I think that refs have to actually see it. Not disputing it happened.

    Also, lots of holding on TJ…. Sloppy game by two bad teams.

    But I take solace in that you guys gave a massive contract to Watson!!!!!! Fully guaranteed!!!! Sorry still laughing.

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