Parler To Come Back To The App Store

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The social media app Parler is set to return to Apple devices months after it was banned from the App Store. In order to be allowed back, Parler was forced to make some modifications to its policies, according to the Washington Post.

Why? Because the app apparently allowed content that “glorified and encouraged” what took place at the U.S. Capitol back on Jan. 6.

In other words, LeBron James encouraging threats on police officers earlier this week on Twitter is acceptable behavior, according to Apple, but what Parler allowed is not. The only apps Apple is interested in cracking down on lean right apparently.

Makes sense.

So now, Parler must now have stricter moderation policies on Apple devices. Otherwise, it will get the boot once again. Content that appears on the Android app and website will not be censored, however.

Parler will reportedly go live again next week.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. So . . .

    serious query here – requesting info from fellow Outkickers:

    This means if I have an apple product (mac, iphone, or ipad) that APPLE is CENSORING my speech and the speech that APPLE has decided I am allowed to read?

    But IF I have a non-apple (android ios) “smartphone” device that my Parler app is not censored?

    I will gladly turn in my shitty iphone if that is actually the case – but if true, WHY would Parler acquiesce to this type of nazi-ism?

  2. They still don’t own their own servers, but are now back due to “changing” some of their policies. Lets be real Parler is done, and any new policies will just get you the same thing as Facebook and IG. Censorship of free speech.

    • the servers are the key and also the supply chain providers needed to keep everything humming. it’s a tall order to be 100% independent. the luster is off Parler and that was the point all along, to kill its core appeal. conversely, the ONLY reason to use Twitter or the other platforms is to hammer the Left.

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