Parents Berate ‘Fit Mommy’ For Wearing Skimpy Attire To School Drop Off

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It turns out school pickup and drop-off line shaming is a problem around the world and not just at your suburban elementary school. Just ask Bolivian Instagram fitness model and lawyer Vanesa Medina, who was recently recorded taking her son to school and then shamed on social media in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Medina, wearing a skin-tight Instagram fitness model “playsuit,” is shown taking her son into his school as any good mom would do for her son.

The angry woman recording the video can be heard saying that Medina’s clothes are “inappropriate” for school children to see.

And with that, the video was uploaded to social media and Ms. Medina became the target of critics who were eager to attack.

Fit mom shamed school pickup line attire
Instagram model Vanesa Medina was shamed over her school pickup line attire / via NY Post
Mom school pickup line clothes

Ms. Medina was quick to fire back at the critics who couldn’t believe she’d wear such clothes to her son’s school for pick up and drop off.

“I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who sent messages of support, signs of affection and appreciation with such beautiful words, and defending me on social media over that video that went viral with bad intentions against me that the mother took, wanting to denigrate me, exposing herself with such contempt towards me, and exposing my four-year-old son without knowing that is a crime.

“Her plans did not go as well as she wanted. She had the worst intentions by uploading it and exposing me, referring to me like that.

“But this post is not about that woman, it is to thank all those people who stood by my side.”

She wasn’t done just yet. Vanesita had more to say after this attempt to shame her.

“Behind a happy child is a mom who fights to build her dream and her dreams ❤️ Let’s look for the best version of ourselves and if you fall, you get up stronger and humility 💕

Now, let’s get to some real-world analysis:

1. THIS is Bolivia. Since when did people in Bolivia get offended over attire at any point in the day, including at school drop off? We’re talking about an area where it’s 90 and humid this time of year.

Hey shamers, IT’S HOTTT OUT!

2. Bolivia is pretty much a third-world country. Trust me, the kids have more to worry about than Hot Mom Vanesita’s outfit. Hey kids, do you want clean drinking water or Vanesita to throw on a t-shirt so you don’t see her bare back? Easy answer, shamers.

3. Vanesita works out, deal with it. There’s a very good chance the woman who complained about this hot mom is some tubby angry mom who wishes she had Vansita’s fake cans and ripped abs. Instead of hating, maybe ask the hot mom how to turn you into a smoking HOTTT mom who can rack up 150k Instagram followers for being HOTTTT.

4. My only criticism here is that Vanesita went way too big with the bolt-ons and they’re looking too bolt-on-ish. But hey, they’re Vanesita’s bolt-ons and she’s clearly happy with them, so she should continue to do her thing. The bolt-ons aren’t hurting me, so I’m not getting on her IG to complain. Do yer thing, girlfriend!

As for the kid, he’ll be fine. His friends will be fine. The world will go on. School drop-off shamers need to stay focused on drop-off speed and precision and less time on what the moms are wearing.


A dad who handles pickup line duties.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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