Paige VanZant Wears A Swimsuit As She’s ‘Lost’ In Her Thoughts

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Paige VanZant’s era of domination definitely doesn’t appear to be coming to an end.

VanZant has made a habit out of going viral recently online, and has dropped several noteworthy posts over the past couple weeks.

It’s almost like she knows exactly what she needs to do in order to go viral. Funny how that works. I suppose practice makes perfect.

I digress. Well, the OnlyFans star managed to do it again.

Paige VanZant goes viral with Twitter swimsuit photo.

The former UFC star turned BKFC fighter lit up Twitter with a shot of herself in a swimsuit and captioned it, “Lost in my thoughts.”

Your average dude probably reaches for an ice cold Busch Light or Miller Lite and fires up an episode of “Entourage” when he’s lost in his thoughts.

Paige VanZant opens up Twitter and goes viral. That’s the life of a content star compared to a regular person.

VanZant isn’t slowing down.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention (we all know you have been), it’s obvious Paige VanZant has been on a next level content run.

Her profile has steadily risen online ever since she left the UFC and kind of pivoted away from fighting. Yes, she’s fought in the BKFC, but how has that gone for her?

Not well at all. At this point, it’s curious as to why VanZant would even want to fight at all. There’s way more money to be made online than getting her face bloodied up in the ring or octagon.

Paige VanZant goes viral on a regular basis on the internet. The former fighter regularly posts swimsuit content on Instagram and Twitter. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

Summer officially starts next week, and it looks like Paige VanZant’s content game is ready to go nuclear. Whether she’s “lost” in her mind or not, it’s clear she has no intention of doing anything other than dropping viral posts.

That’s how you build up millions of followers, and she’s done just that. Take it away, Paige!

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