Paige Spiranac Shows Off Her Hot Dog Eating Techniques

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No days off for Paige Spiranac, in fact, she’s working overtime this July 4th. She’s back after celebrating freedom this morning on screencaps. But I say you can never have enough Paige Spiranac in your life.

Especially when she’s giving technique advice on eating hot dogs. This year’s sure-to-be insanely viral hot dog eating video is a little different than what was put out last year.


Last year Spiranac tried to see how many hot dogs she could eat in 10 minutes, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest style. Spoiler alert, she only managed to eat six hot dogs.

She instead opted to show some of the hot dog eating techniques that she’s picked up

This year Spiranac didn’t want to test her hot dog eating limits by recreating the video from a year ago. She instead opted to show some of the hot dog eating techniques that she’s picked up from the best hot dog eaters in the world.

She showed off the traditional, the raw dog, the dunk-a-roo, the always popular two dogs one cup, and finally the sidewinder.

Ultimately she decided, once again, to leave the hot dog eating up to the professionals. But she seems to have started an annual hot dog-related tradition. One I’m sure we will all look forward to.

I found Spiranac’s hot dog eating technique video to be very informative. A good hot dog eating technique can go a long way and using the right one at the right time is very important.

You would hate for someone to get in over their heads with an improper technique. That could end in disaster. Luckily we have Paige to help guide us on our hot dog eating journey.

While there is only one Joey Chestnut, the proper technique could go a long way. You’re probably not going to win any prizes or anything, but you’ll have the piece of mind knowing that your technique is on point.

Happy Fourth everyone! Be safe and select your hot dog eating technique wisely.

Written by Sean Joseph


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