Paige Spiranac Rival Katie Sigmond Hits Lefty Missiles, Lindsay Brewer Dominates Italy & Johnny Manziel Finessed His Combine Drug Test

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Let’s go!

We made it. It’s Thursday and there are two NFL preseason games on the schedule tonight. The early game has the Houston Texans taking on the New England Patriots. The late game is the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks.

Look, I know it’s just the preseason. And I know that we’re not going to see a ton of great football during this early on, but this is the start the best time of year.

Before you know it we’ll be knee deep in football, both College Football and the NFL. There will bets placed, fantasy lineups to set, and whole lot of disappointment as the hopes for our team fly out the window with every passing week.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a ton of fun and I’m looking forward to it. Although, the disappointment isn’t going to all that bad this year for me. The Panthers are heading into the season with a rookie quarterback and I’ve set the expectations super low.

I’ll be more interested to see what a team like the Jets are able to do. The expectations there are through the roof and while it would be a lot of fun to watch them flame out, if they do well and Aaron Rodgers is able to stick it to the Packers that would be enjoyable.

good one!!

• Dave M. writes:

hey buddy,

you were given an impossible task, but you are doing just fine. nick foles (eagles not colts) quality backup.

i need an update though, he has to be banging the porn star by now, right?? get us an update for crying out loud, keep us in the loop!!

good one out of philly, see guns aren’t always to blame…

Thanks for the Nick Foles with the Eagles comparison – I’ll take it. Filling in for Joe is never easy. Doing it for this long is as tough as it gets. But I’m happy to do so and trust me, Joe has earned the time off.

As far as the update goes, the last I heard was that he’s just friends with the former porn star and both of them are trying to work things out with their spouses.

Some old ladies in Philly are packing blades in their canes

Now to the story out of Philly. It’s a good one indeed. A 70-year-old mother has been arrested for the stabbing death of man who got into an altercation with her son.

Renee DiPietro turned herself in to Lower Merion police after an arrest warrant was issued for her. The weapon she is accused of using to stab the man is a 16-inch blade that was hidden in her walking cane.

Her son called her crying after he sucker-punched his friend 31-year-old Michael Sides at a pub on June 10. She grabbed a baseball bat and her cane and hopped into a vehicle with her husband to go pick their son up.

DiPietro told the police that when they arrived to pick their son up, the victim wouldn’t let him get into the car. An altercation broke out and that’s when the cane was used to stab the man twice.

Watch out for the old ladies and their walkers and canes. You never know when one might be equipped with a 16-inch blade.

Update from “the exotic wood guy”

• Mike in Pasadena writes:

Hey Sean!

Joe passed me an email from a reader right before he went underground, asking for an update from “the exotic wood guy”.

I’m still here, checking in everyday to read the ‘caps. I’ll be heading to Europe in a few weeks to pick up some unique and hard to find items. But, you don’t have to go that far to find some really cool pieces.

Here in California, specifically Northern Ca. and southern Oregon, we have Buckeye trees, related to the Ohio Buckeye tree. Near the roots of the tree “growths” develop into clusters referred to as burls. These “Buckeye Burls” are desired for their unique color and grain appearance.

Also, because of my travels over the years, I receive emails and pictures from sawmills all over the world offering various species. As an example live edge Padouk from Gabon Africa, or as you can see in the picture gigantic slabs of Bubinga from Cameroon.

I choose many times from pictures from trusted sources, but I prefer to travel and see for myself. ( so I can keep racking up miles too)

Paige Spiranac Katie Sigmond Lindsay Brewer
Paige Spiranac rival Katie Sigmond
Lindsay Brewer bikini Italy
Buckeye Burl

Something caught my attention today from your post. The Sausage Toast Crunch, picture from Cereallife says 100% CAMEL ?? Is this correct ? Camel meat sausage ??!! I’ll take a hard pass!

Keep up the great work.

Toss in some of the “thick and healthy” IG girls if you have any….

Thanks for the exotic wood update. When it comes to the Sausage Toast Crunch, I have no idea if the 100% Camel is real or just a joke. I’m with you if it is actual camel meat then it’s a hard pass for me as well.

On the “thick and healthy” Instagram models, I’ll do my best to add a few to the mix (let me know how I did).

Brianna Ruffalo update

• L.A. Don writes:

This is about the only thing nice to wake to, in ultra liberal LA… Brittany biscuits, w a side of coffee… ☕️

What a start to a Thursday morning. The best part is we keep things going below. Have a great day, get in a good mow if you can, and finish the day as strong as it started by watching some football.

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