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A dad’s dilemma

Danny from Otsego, MN writes:

Pleased to report that my official league apparel arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately I’m on the 5 day Disabled List due to COVID-19. Is it acceptable to go to my Farm System and bring out my 10 yr old who can’t even drive the golf cart in a straight line? If not do you or any league member have any advice on when the appropriate age is to let go of the yard and allow the boy to start taking over the mowing duties? I’m struggling with letting go because I enjoy laying stripes so much. But he needs to start learning how to become a man and lawn care is where I started.

Real quick. Concerts, saw Garth Brooks 4 times. Great show. 2 times in Minneapolis. The other two in Nashville. Only concerts I’ve been to where all 80,000 in attendance know every word to every song.


This is an excellent topic for dads like Danny and myself who have kids closing in on the age when we both started mowing. I get starting slow — Monday night I had my son doing straight lines that he could handle. The self-propelled thing gets his attention FAST, but his strength is close to being able to handle the controls.

This should cause memories to flood out for the dads out there who have been down this road. Can’t wait to hear some of these stories.


I always love a strong email from Texas

• Tommy N. in Texarkana writes:

First time emailer, long time reader.  Love what you spearhead here, and it’s as much a part of my mornings as coffee, a good pee, and breathing.

As I said in my LinkedIn message to you, you’re basically royalty in the Neal household, and THIS is my social media.  I don’t do anything else, except have a profile on LinkedIn, which I rarely am on but looked more once I saw it mentioned here.  A thumbs up back from you to my message was about like a pic with an athlete or celebrity.  

I love seeing and reading what the best people in our great nation are up to.  Garage and patio setups, food, lawns, dogs, kids. I have never left a morning Screencaps session feeling disappointed.  Where else can we really always say that to be true??  Truth be told, I love seeing what everyone else is up to even more than the T&A.  Well, mostly. Haha!

A couple things: Keep taking inventory with the kiddos.  Sports, hobbies, life. I have 3 of my own and a stepson, and we have found that honest encouragement and communication go a long way as they age and mature.  So now when we sit around my favorite place, my outdoor cedar table, and have beers with the 19 year old boys (at home only when not leaving or driving anywhere) and talk life, there’s a lot of authenticity, and the things they recall from previous years are positive, and that although we wanted the best for them in any and every situation, we always lead with love and a safe place to land if needed.

I love my dogs.  I did not grow up with pets, and now I have Lola who is 3 and Cora who is 7 months. And I literally tear up sometimes thinking of life without them down the road.  Credit my wife for that, and also, damn her for that!  Whew.  The way they look at and unconditionally love me, there really is just nothing in this world like a great damn dog.  

We moved into our house May of 2021.  Including a couple pics of the patio we hang on all of the time as well as the yard a year ago and now, which is getting prettier and greener.  Next up, stripes!  Also, we had that table made as we looked at seating options and had that post just sitting out there.  Hope that can maybe help a fellow screencapper out there that might be in the same scenario.

That’s a 55 on the wall out back.  Before it was ever a subject here I told my bride that I was giving that to my folks who are moving in 4 lots down in the next 30 days and replacing it with a 65, same size we have in the living room.  I. CANT. WAIT.

As you can see, I am a Blackstoner, and I will also say I like my chili not real juicy and do love beans in it.

I could go on forever, but I will mostly leave it here for now.  If your ever down this way or passing through, I’d be honored to serve you an ice cold patio beer.  Appreciate the hell out of you and what you do to keep the best people in the USA pressing forward together, Joe!


First of all, I appreciate all the photos of the patio and they’re great, but look at those dogs. As my preschooler just said, “They’re so adorable.”

Now let’s get back to this patio. I love it. It’s not massive, but it has zones. It has the TV zone. It has the bar zone. It has the umbrella zone for the ladies when they want to get out of the TV zone. It has a perfect zone to pop up the folding serving tables for the parties.

The only problem I can see here is that I’d walk by that reflective window and realize just how many beers and Blackstone cheesesteaks I consumed during a visit to Tommy’s house.

Good luck to Bill C. in Mississippi paying those PGA Championship drink prices

• Bill is about to break the bank this week in Tulsa:

Leaving Oxford in the morning heading for Tulsa and the PGA championship. But first I’ll have to stop by a local bank and take out a short term loan in order to pay for the PGA beer concessions. As always, I’ll have one eye looking for content while watching the tournament.

Just a bragging dad

John S. writes:

My daughter never lets me see her artwork for some reason, but occasionally I peek in her sketch-books or come across something lying around. I took her car to fill it up with gas today and found a self portrait in her backseat. She would kill me for posting this, but sometimes a dad needs to brag:


John is on Team TNML, so this might be time for John to commission a piece of art from his daughter. Perhaps they can work together on a theme and it can turn into a father-daughter experience.

Wouldn’t it be better to invest in one of those Stihl Roomba mowers?

• I’ve watched this video several times and I can’t tell if the thing actually mows. I’m going to need to see it in action on some actual grass that needs to be mowed.

Volunteer Little League umpires

• Joey G. writes:

Joe, love what you’re doing with the screencaps. Had a situation come up this weekend and was hoping to shoutout all the volunteer little league umpires.

10yr old little league, 2 outs, bottom of the 7th, down by 3 with runners on base. My son up to bat hits a ball that’s close to being fair/foul right near the plate. Catcher tags him out,  home plate umpire makes no call, 2B umpire calls him out. End of game and they lose. Our coach starts giving the umpires the business, along with several parents. The coaches don’t shake hands, more words are exchanged.

I had it on video, perfect MLB video replay shot, and the 2B umpire made the right call, the ball was fair and catcher had it in fair territory to make the tag. I gave the umpire some kudos after the game and shared the video with our coach. I’m sure the readers can appreciate the job these volunteer umpires do and wanted to say thank you to all those folks out there who make it possible for our kids to play this game that frustrates us all at times, but we love so much.

Here’s the tough play for volunteer umpires to make:

Speaking of umpires

• Brent P. in Indiana writes:

Great Screencaps today! Richard set the tone. Going to umpire a baseball game tonight. Number 63 on the season. College is over for me as they are in their NCAA tournament.


Brent wasn’t sure if it was necessary to post his email because we’ve gotten to the point where we’ll share emails here and there, but in this case I insist because it’s important to see that work output from Brent. I was talking to a neighbor this week about umpires and how I saw a 9th grade game being umped by a home plate umpire. Solo. High school baseball.

And about 20 minutes after that I saw parents getting fired up over a 9U house game. God bless the umpires who are willing to strap on the pads to do that job.

Yes, we give the MLB umps crap in Screencaps, but you can’t tell me with a straight face that Angel Hernandez doesn’t deserve it. He’s pretty much a WWE heel at this point whose job is to fire up a crowd.

Jess in Alabama IS BACK!

• This is just an action-packed Wednesday because when Jess emails she always has incredible ideas:

I liked Richard’s comment on mentally ghost writing emails to you because I’ve done that a couple times, as well. I’ll keep this one shorter, since I don’t have the time today. But two things:

  1. Are you coming to Birmingham for the sumo at the world games? We’re thinking that’s one of the events we want to see. I saw you hinted at coming in July when that event happens…
  2. This is ridiculous, but I feel like you need to get a few OutKick interns some ref uniforms and have them to go to TNML members homes during the season. Have them drop a flag if someone forgets to edge. Throw their hands in the air touchdown-style when someone really nails their lines. Could really add to the legitimacy of the league haha

Thanks for all you do!


  1. There is a July trip to Birmingham in the works. I don’t want to give specifics until tickets are purchased and I’m 100% confirmed.
  2. I LOVE the TNML flag bit, but do you guys have any idea how hard it is these days to find interns when WALMART IS TRYING TO LURE COLLEGE GRADS WITH $210K STORE MANAGER JOBS?

And interns drive me crazy. They either think I’m an idiot who couldn’t possibly teach them anything or they want you to teach them everything so they can take the skills to some other employer.

Parents: Get your kids to umpire/ref your mowing. What about GameDay mowing signs from the kids while we’re at it?

“Keep it straight, dad!”

“Layin’ Stripes!!”

Dad could hold a sign for mom while she’s mowing, too.

“Saturday patio margs on me, babe!”

And with that, let’s get the day rolling across the USA. The email inbox is overflowing right now as we inch closer to that big holiday weekend. I’m starting to think we should do a special Memorial Day Monday Screencaps tribute, so start throwing around email ideas in your head.

Take care and give ’em hell at work today.


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