Paige Spiranac Jabs Phil Mickelson With ‘Big Boobies’ Joke Over His LIV Saucer Eyes

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While Cool Twitter — featuring the blue checkmarks and PGA Tour lapdogs — is busy hammering Phil Mickelson for taking a big ol’ bag of cash from the Saudis to play on the LIV Tour, Instagram golf influencer genius Paige Spiranac was busy this week keeping things light by making fun of Phil’s saucer eyes at a LIV promotional event.

“Guys when they are trying to make eye contact with a girl with big boobies,” Paigeviews quipped Tuesday as Phil’s wide-eye 1990s Hollywood Hogan look made its way around the Internet.

It’s a good joke.

See, we can have FUN! Let’s have some fun here, folks. Enough with the highly fake dramatics from the PGA bros who want a lifetime media pass for hammering the LIV Tour.

And we can have FUN here while agreeing that you’d just like to hear these guys say one time that they are getting a big pile of money.

“These elaborate statements are annoying. No one going to the LIV tour actually cares about the progression of the game. I wish they just said ‘because it’s a shit ton of money,'” Paige tweeted this week.

Correct take.

It’s like Instagram models who suddenly pop up on Instagram Story enjoying Qatar or Dubai. We’re not dumb. We understand how an Instagram model goes from slinging drinks at a Daytona bar to taking an obligatory skyline photo from an apartment high above Dubai. And it’s not because she’s interning at a Dubai real estate office.

Get your money, golfers. Get your jokes off, Paigeviews. Keep making that content. I’ll be right here to blog all of it. Keep it coming.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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