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10U House Ball Update: The boys are in the championship game

Was it our best game ever? Not exactly. Did we hit the ball very well? Not exactly. Did we play great defense? There were moments. Did we survive and advance? Yes, and this time of year and in the heat, that’s all that matters right now in a five-team tourney.

I’m horrible at keeping track of the scores. I think it was 12-6.

Now we sit back and relax as other teams battle it out for the other spot in the title game this Friday night to decide which team is taking home the fake Super Bowl rings — kidding…the kids would have to play travel ball and pay stupid money for a shot to win those plastic rings.

As expected, my top two pitchers put the ball over the plate and kept things moving along pretty well. My No. 1 was getting squeezed a little bit by the teen ump, but he hung in there and did just fine. My No. 2, Skittles, threw the ball really well and I couldn’t feel any better going into the title game with two big arms and one of our top players returning from camp for the title game.

We might even get Skittles’ younger brother back from a broken arm, pending a doctor’s decision.

Daddy Ball Report:

My son put the ball in play twice; the second hit would’ve been an error in most scorebooks. He was also drilled by a ball thrown by the 2B after my boy took off from second to third on a grounder. I definitely wasn’t expecting the 2B to (1.) throw the ball so hard and (2.) have such great aim.

My son has to lead the team in on-field injuries due to being drilled by baseballs.

Parent report:

Everyone was well-behaved for a tournament game. It was a nice, rather quiet night at the park. I’ll take it. As always, I’m not sure if our parents even knew their boys won the game.

Now I need your help — championship game

I’ve had readers suggest things like taking a tub of water balloons to the last game to celebrate the end of the season. What else? Any other suggestions for how to handle the end of the baseball season? I’m all ears here.

Need your help — Part 2 — Kids who refuse to swing the bat or are terrified of being hit

Guys, I’m out of ideas. I have 4 1/2 kids (one swings way more than the others, but he still isn’t consistent) who either refuse to swing or are now officially terrified of being hit with a pitch. Is there anything I can try heading into the championship game that will change the mental game or is it too late? I want these boys to go out swinging. Or do I just let this play out?


On Holidomes & vintage hotels off the highway your dad would splurge on to prove he’d been humping it at work crushing OT and had a few extra bills to treat the family

• Greg B. in Monroe, WA writes:

I attended a wedding in Lamar, CO (near the Kansas border) 15 or so years ago, and most of us stayed at the Cow Palace Inn, a former Holidome.  I had never heard of a Holidome, so imagine my surprise when I stepped into the overly chlorinated oasis behind the walls.  

I am not sure the place had ever been truly renovated, and perhaps that was intentional – to save this little bit of Americana in Eastern Colorado…..I mean, the room even had pink sheets on the bed!  

I looked up the Cow Palace before typing this, and they have undergone an extensive remodel, to be re-opened soon.  I only hope they did not to too far…..

• Travis P in MS writes:

Longtime reader but I never email, however, just read about the holidome and you brought back instant nostalgia. In Navarre, FL right on the beach, there was the best time a kid could ask for in the summer of pre-2000. Arcade, pool, pizza place etc… all inside in the A/C with a huge windowed deck and beach access.

Then there was an outside section for your friends’ families that didn’t want to splurge so we would always bust our buddy’s chops if they were staying out there. It was taken out by a hurricane at some point in the early 2000s and the dream died there.

I never knew how many others were out there until you wrote this up, awesome to hear. I would take my family in a heartbeat if still standing so I’m interested to see what you get back. Keep doing good things! Thanks!


That’s the power of Screencaps. One minute you’re not an emailer, the next minute I throw a meatball right down the plate that you can’t resist swinging at. Love when lurkers end up as emailers.

Great to have you, Travis P.

• Steve B. in Grand Junction, Colorado writes:

Fun to read about your Holidome experience.

In the late 70’s, my parents took us to the Broncos training camp at the CSU campus in Ft. Collins, (a highlight was sneaking into the locker room, then later bragging to friends that I used the same urinal as Craig Morton and Tom Jackson). After watching practice and scoring autographs, we stayed at the Ft. Collins Holidome, complete with all the wonderfully cheesy tropical decor. We’d swim forever. Does life get any better for a 10 year old boy? 

We just got back from a family road trip (Field of Dreams site, Wisconsin Dells and a Brewers game), and stumbled upon this great hotel in Dubuque, Iowa, which gave me some Holidome vibes: pool tables, free ping pong tables, a game room, etc.

It’s a Best Western Plus, and ran just $140 bucks and came with breakfast. If you’re in the Eastern Iowa area, I highly recommend it.

Amusement parks

• Douglas J. writes:

I can vouch for what Mike D said about Holiday World.  That place is amazing.  Great prices, great rides, great staff, free parking, free sunscreen, free tubes for the waterpark and free soda stations all over the park.  The Voyage was ranked the #1 wood coaster by Time Magazine back in 2013.  That is where that sign comes from.  It is one amazing ride.  If you have never been there, Joe it is time to put that on your summer vacation calendar.   Your whole family will love it.  It is an amusement park in the middle of cornfields.

BTW, Top Thrill Dragster isn’t going anywhere.  They are revamping it and as of two days ago, they were starting to repaint it.


It’s nearly six hours to drive to Santa Claus, Indiana. You’re telling me it’s worth that drive vs. hopping over to Cedar Point for the day or a weekend? Or are we talking it’s worth mixing in Holiday World on a 3 or 4 day trip on the way to some other place?

Home phones for kids

• Joel from Wells County, IN writes:

Just a quick response and piggyback to your suggestion on the Apple Watch for keeping your kids safe when they are too young for unfettered access but you want them to have a way to be in touch: Gabb Wireless. It is similar to the Apple Watch but more affordable (under $150 for the watch or basic phone – there is a premium phone as well still under $200) and only $20/month for service. You control the contacts and the text messages are preset that you can customize.

They can make phone calls or send audio messages. And you have GPS access. Simple but effective for a young babysitter, kids going down the street to play wiffleball with friends, or when they are old enough to leave at home when you run some errands. The watch is durable and recommend for ages 5-11, the phone recommendation is ages 9-15, and the premium phone gives them more access but plenty of oversight and limitations and is recommended for 13+. 

I appreciate all of the practical information for dads trying to make it all work.

Yard update

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

Yard is looking good.


Thank you, Mike.

Mrs. Screencaps has had a big week. She had daylilies produce flowers for the first time in four years after growing these plants from baby seedlings she procured from her cousin. That was a big moment in her life.

Inviting men to baby and wedding showers

This is a topic from last week. Dean B. asked what others are noticing from this world that was always for the ladies. “I believe inviting men to these events is an erosion of masculinity. Some kind of Gen Z, millennials thing,” Dean wrote via email.

• Michael J. in Illinois writes:

There is nothing wrong with people inviting men to showers. I’ve been invited to plenty.  That being said, I’ve gone to zero. Including my sisters (which was apparently a huge controversy). I am all for gender-specific roles and events.  Baby showers and wedding showers should have one man at them at most.  The future dad/groom. Otherwise, women only. 


Guys, women have been programmed to have the perfect Instagram lives where it starts with dating, the puppy to share with the boyfriend (because it’s serious and they’re probably banging out of wedlock), the vacations, the yacht rental while on vacation, the engagement, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, the wedding, the honeymoon, the new house, the vacations before babies, then pregnancies, the baby shower, the first baby photos, the first pumpkin patch trip, the first time dad is required to wear the baby on his chest for IG photos, turning the brick two-story into a farmhouse, etc.

It’s all a trap, fellas.

Find you one who doesn’t need the social media rat race.

Disney stress

You don’t say!

That’s it. Time to wrap up another edition.

Let’s go work hard on a dog days of summer Tuesday in July. Remember: NFL training camps open up in like seven days. We’re almost there!


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