Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett Moons Crowd At UFC Fight Night Weigh-In

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UFC lightweight Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is back in the octagon this weekend, taking on Jordan Leavitt at the O2 Arena in London.

Pimblett is coming off of a first-round submission victory over Rodrigo Vargas in March and the 50-pound weight gain that followed the win. He packed on the weight by going on an insane 11,000-calorie binge in the weeks that followed the fight.

On Friday came the entertaining fighter’s moment of truth. The weigh-in for his UFC Fight Night fight was here. Would he or wouldn’t he make weight?

After making weight, Pimblett had a message for the fat shamers

Pimblett made the weight and more. He lost 49 of the 50 pounds he had gained celebrating his last win and officially weighed-in at 156 pounds.

After making weight, Pimblett had a message for the fat-shamers. As he stepped off the scale, he mooned the crowd and said, “Everyone who tried to fat shame me or said I would miss weight or f***ing pull out, kiss me ass!”

The entertainment wasn’t over. Pimblett returned for the faceoff with Leavitt and had something in his back pocket for the crowd. He pulled out the “hand through the hair” move at the handshake.

The move was a big hit with the Pimblett-friendly crowd.

Each fighter has laid out how they plan to celebrate in the octagon

The fight — much like the lead up to it — promises to be an entertaining one. There is a lot riding on it, after all. According to their trash talk leading up to the fight, the winner has big plans should he win.

Leavitt says he’s going to twerk if he wins, while Paddy plans to “teabag” his opponent if he’s victorious.

Neither of them are great if you’re the one who ends up losing the fight. But one of them is clearly worse. Losing is hard enough to swallow.

Written by Sean Joseph

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