Pacman Jones Is In Jail (Again)

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Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, who is no stranger to jail centers around the Cincinnati metro area, was arrested Monday morning and was admitted into the Hamilton County Jail at 1:54 a.m., according to WCPO. Court documents state that Jones was arrested Monday morning for punching and kicking a person in the head until the person was unconscious.

Jones, whose last run-in with police came back in 2019 at an Indiana casino where he told cops to “suck my d–k” and called the cops “crackers” during his arrest. He was also in the Hamilton County Jail in 2017 for assaulting a security guard by pushing and poking the guard in the eye. He gave cops trouble that night by refusing to get into the police cruiser and was allegedly kicking and head-butting.

Pacman’s arrest record goes way back to the days when he was arrested in 2005 for causing trouble at the Titans team headquarters. At one point in 2013, Pacman was up to eight arrests and has barely slowed down over the last eight years.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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      • You are right. I do not think there is a crime bad enough that an NFL team would not give guys another shot if it meant a trip to the Super bowl. Honestly, name you crime…NOTHING is bad enough it can’t or won’t be glossed over, ESPECIALLY is you hate the United States. That is your ticket to do anything, blame it on whitey and have a complicit media push it under the rug. HOWEVER you do have to possess the extreme talent to assure a Super Bowl. Barring that, you are just fodder for internet trolls to mock because your IQ matches you shoe size.

  1. Boy, he had come a long way since his days at the “scrip cluhb” and making it rain. I assume this is somehow tied to white privilege and is Donald Trump’s fault? Honestly, mentioning anything this guy does going forward kinda proves how slow of a news cycle it is. No one really cares, other than an opportunity to take cheap shots, and even that is boring.

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